Marie-José Nadal-Gardère (born 1931) is a Haitian painter and sculptor. Born in Port-au-Prince, Nadal-Gardère studied in France and later Canada, where she learned ceramics and metal sculpting. Her works have been exhibited throughout Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, and western Europe. She is the owner of the Marassa Gallery in Pétion-Ville, a suburb of Port-au-Prince.
Marie-José Villiers, Lady Villiers (30 April 1916 – 1 February 2015) was a British-born Belgian countess, born Countess Marie-José de la Barre d’Erquelinnes who worked as a British spy during World War II. For her wartime work, the Belgian government awarded her the Chevalier de l’Ordre de la Couronne with Palme, Croix de Guerre with Palme, Médaille de la Resistance, Médaille Commemorative de la Guerre 1940-45 and the Croix des Evades.
Marie-José Walenkamp (31 August 1966 – 9 March 2021) was a Dutch researcher. Walenkamp made important contributions to clinical paediatric endocrine research, in particular on genetic causes of short and tall stature. She was trained in paediatrics at the Willem-Alexander Children’s Hospital of the Leiden University Medical Center and in the Juliana Children's Hospital in The Hague between 1995 and 1999. She started working as paediatric endocrinologist at the VU University Medical Center in 2008.
Marie-José of Belgium (Marie-José Charlotte Sophie Amélie Henriette Gabrielle; 4 August 1906 – 27 January 2001) was the last Queen of Italy. Her 35-day tenure as queen consort earned her the nickname "the May Queen".
In a way this is a beautiful combination!

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