Marieke Lucas Rijneveld (1991 - ) is a Dutch writer who won the 2020 International Booker Prize for the novel The Discomfort of Evening.
I love this name so much. The other spellings "Marika", Marica", "Marieka", etc, don't measure up to the original spelling of "Marieke". I love the look and sound of it. It's not a common name either, which is great.
Marieke Josephine Hardy (born 26 May 1976) is an Australian writer, broadcaster, television producer and also a former television actress.
Pronounced Mah-ree-KUH.
From 1980-1985 the Dutch name 'Marieke' stood in the top 10-list of the most popular names in the Netherlands. In 1980 and 1981 the name stood at place 2 in the list. 'Marieke' is a typical Dutch name, which is loved by everyone for years. Still every year +/- 50 girls are named Marieke.

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