With 103 156 bearers, Marija is the 1st most common feminine given name in Croatia (2014 Data). With 68 903 bearers, Marija is the 1st most common feminine given name in Slovenia (2014 Data). With 28 417 bearers, Marija is the 6th most common feminine given name in Latvia (2014 Data). With 12 502 bearers, Marija is the 7th most common feminine given name in North Macedonia (2014 Data).

I had a teacher with this name, and that was the first time I saw this variant. It's very pretty.
Also Maltese form of Mary.
Marija Šerifović is a Serbian singer. She won the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 with the song "Molitva". Šerifović is the daughter of Verica Šerifović, also a notable singer. She was also one of the judges on Eurosong to choose the Irish entry for Eurovision Song Contest 2008 and sang Molitva to close the show. She was also a member of the International Jury in Melodifestivalen 2009, the selection for the Swedish entry to Eurovision Song Contest 2009.
I don't think people would misspell it if you use it in countries where it is common. The J in place of a Y is very common in many countries (ex. Maja, Freja, Lilja).
Maša is a diminutive of Marija in Slovenia and Croatia. [noted -ed]
Oh. Thank goodness it's pronounced like Maria. The problem is, people will misspell it.
It is a great name but MARIA sounds better to me even in Croatia, where I live, Marija is used more often than Maria.
I know this is a little weird to say considering it's my name, but I really like it, living in England, I don't get made fun of, which is a good thing. I have this name because I am part Lithuanian. I also find the look of this name quite pretty. Also the name is said Mah-Ri-Ya, to clear any confusion.
The Lithuanian of this name is pronounced Mah-ree-ya.
A famous bearer is Serbian singer Marija Śerifović.
The name looks like 'marijuana' and that's not a good thing.
It may look like Marijuana, but not everyone finds that to be a bad thing. ;)
I like this, reminds me of the names Mary and Maria. Good second name.

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