The first name of English singer Marika Hackman, born 1992.
German pronunciation: [maˈʁiːkaː], [maˈʁiːka] [noted -ed]
Marika is also Latvian, used as a diminutive of Marija/Māra, Marina, Marianna, and other names beginning with Mari. The name days for Marika in Latvia are July 22 and July 25.
Marika is a feminine given name of Polish, Greek, and Japanese origin. It has its origin in the Hungarian and Greek nickname for Maria, or its Silesian diminutive "Maryjka".

Origin: Polish. Meaning: Of The Sea Or Bitter. The name Marika means Of The Sea Or Bitter and is of Polish origin. Marika is a name that's been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for girls. Polish form of Mary.
My best friend's older sister is named Marika Maya. We shorten Marika to Mika (pronounced MEE-ka). I really like the name personally, especially in that combination.
Pronounced mah-REE-kah in Swedish.
Also used in Swedish. [noted -ed]
Also used in Italy, where it's sometimes written as "Marica". Famous bearers are Marica Coco, an actress, and Marika Bianchini, a volleyball player. [noted -ed]
Marika is a classy, elegant name. I love it!
Don't really like it.
Marica is a very offensive term for a homosexual man in Spanish. This is spelled with a k and it’s a beautiful name. But people that think about using it should know what it means when it’s written with a c (in my opinion)...
I am Marika and it rarely gets shortened. I pronounce it like Maria with a K. I believe it's a Hungarian origin but looks like there's lots of us around surrounding countries now.
This is also a Georgian name. Diminutive of "Marina". [noted -ed]
Hungarian pronunciation: MAW-ri-kaw.
My given name is Marika... Nicknamed Rika by chance, NOT popular opinion OR history... I live in Northern California, USA...
Marika Dominczyk, a Polish-American actress.
I'm Polish and I've never heard of this name being used in Poland.
Marika is a character in Rick Yancy's The 5th Wave trilogy. The character is called Ringer throughout the series, but it is mentioned that her real name is Marika.
Marika Anthony-Shaw is a violinist in the Canadian band The Arcade Fire.
I also know a Latvian named Marika. The Latvian name day for it is July 22, according to this site - another proof that's it's used in Latvia as well.
Marika means "jasmine, fragrance" in Japanese.
Marika can be a Japanese name.
My Greek godmother was called Marika. (I believe her "real" name was Maria.)
I don't know how Marika is usually pronounced, but the one person I know who has this name (they are Finnish) and they pronounce the name MAH-rIy-kha, rather than Mah-REE-kah which is how I assume this name is pronounced.
Can also be Japanese with MANY possible meanings depending on which kanji are chosen. I personally like jasmine (plant) 茉莉 (mari) and fragrance 香 (ka)
Some other possible kanji are:



In Japanese, this has NOTHING to do with the name Mary.
It's a very pretty name. I also like the nickname Rika.
I've only known one Marika and she always went by Mimi. And I don't blame her, I think this name would work on a person from that heritage, but Mimi wasn't very ethnic and the name just didn't really suit her.
I love this name. I know a girl who has it. She pronounces it ma-REE-ka.
Czech tennis player Ivan Lendl & Samantha Frankel have a daughter Marika Lendl, born 4 May 1990.
I absolutely LOVE this name! The way it sounds and looks is just awesome! The heroine in one of my stories named Marika.
My friend Marika was Russian. She was called Mari or Rika.
A famous bearer is singer Marika Gombitová, who was born 12 September 1956, Košice, Czechoslovakia.
It's a very common name in Finland, too. [noted -ed]
I have only known one lady with the name Marika and she wasn't a very nice person. It kind of turned me off this name.
This is also an Estonian name.

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