Such a beautiful name for a BOY. I personally don't like how modern people use masculine names for girls and they've made it normal. I think Marin is definitely for a male and feminine form would be Marina. I would love the name Marin for a guy most definitely.
Also Languedocian and Gascon: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
My name is Marin and I am a girl. I pronounce it like Mar-in. A lot of times people say it like Mare-in. I am just saying that Marin can definitely be a girl's name!
I've never heard of a guy called Marin ever before - it's strictly feminine in my book. I pronounce it Mar - in. Mar as in Maria. In fact, I always assumed because of the mar it was related to the name Maria. I prefer Marisol or Maria but, this is nicer than Marina or Marine which sound too... aquatic, I guess.
I love that the name Marin is more a masculine name just for boys, and girls can be named Marina instead and the name sounds really handsome but not beautiful.
This is my mom's name, but pronounced Mar-in. Everybody calls her Mare-in, which she hates, but she still loves her name, and I think it's really pretty.
I personally feel like Marin can suit both boys and girls. It’s unisex and it also sounds close to Marie, which means it works well for a girl, but it can still work for a boy too! I would probably use this name for a boy. However, Marine and Marina are both strictly feminine in my book.
I'm a girl, my name is Marin and I don't mind it. It's pronounced (MUR-in) and gets mispronounced a lot. But it's unique and I think that it could be used for a boy too.
This is my given name, quite typical though not among the most frequent names in Bulgaria (also Croatia, Serbia, Roumania...) The accent here is on the second syllable, with a short 'e': Ma-RIN (rhymes with Pauline). I have always found it a little annoying all over the rest of Europe and in USA when my name is accepted as solely and clearly feminine (usually with an 'e' at the end: Marine), which is a female name in France, for example. However, the origin of the name is not in 'SEA', which is a later Christianised (Latin) interpretation, but in far more ancient Miriam - Myriam - Mariam (where Maria or Mary comes from as well). It is derived most probably either from Hebrew, where it may mean "wished-for child" (and other things), or from Egyptian MYR "beloved" or MR "love". Therefore, most probably this name generally has to do with LOVE, although its roots remain unclear and there are other theories as well. In fact, I came here to learn more, but probably my comment will be helpful to others. Finally, the name doesn't make the human being, it is vice-versa. :)
Marin Rose is the name of a character Kim Richards plays on the 1976 episode of "The Rockford Files" titled "The Family Hour."
Marko Marin is a German professional footballer who plays for Turkish club Trabzonspor on loan from Chelsea, as an attacking midfielder and left winger. Marin previously played for Bundesliga clubs Borussia Mönchengladbach and Werder Bremen.
Marin Gates is a (female) character in the book Handle With Care by Jodi Picoult.
Marin is beautiful. Not solely for boys. It is a delicate sound, lovely but still strong, I love it.
Just like Stacy, Ashley and Kelly, lots of names start out as men's names and become unisex. I understand in Europe it would be understood that Marin is a man's name, but that doesn't mean it is WRONG to be a female name too. I plan to use Marin or Maren for a daughter.
Marin could be an alternative form of Marina as a girl's name. Regardless if it's used or understood as a boy's name in other parts of the world, there are many other examples of "name switching" as well as unisex names throughout history. You have to understand that language and culture change. Descriptively speaking, if a mass amount of girls have this name (in the US), then it IS a girl's name until usage proves otherwise.
Rare in france. Maybe cause it's noun for mariner.
I'm from Albania and my name is Marin. There was an Albanian historian from 1400s named Marin Barleti. Definitely a guy's name. I know Marin Hinkle from Two and Half Men is a she, but in Europe there is Marina for girls and Marin for boys. In Italy there is Marino Marini, a singer who sang about a girl named Marina. Again pretty straight forward, Marin = boy. Marin County in California is a very affluent county...
Marin Alsop, a famous conductor. For those who don't know, she's a woman.
The name Marin was given to 203 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
I know a guy whose last name is Marin. He's Hispanic so it's pronounced MAR-in, although its often mispronounced as MARE-in.
I think Marin is a name for a girl. It's more sweet then masculine.
I normally don't like when boys names are used for girls, but I would probably name a future daughter Marin Rose. I know it's a male name in Romania and other parts of Europe, but I don't think Marin is too masculine to be used as a girls name in the US.
This is one of the most popular names FOR BOYS in Croatia. I have 3 boys in my class whose name is Marin.
I love this name for a boy and it'll be my son's name. I can't believe how somebody can use this beautiful boys' name for a girl.
Famous bearer is Marin Cilic, Croatian tennis player.
But no matter what, Marin is a MALE name, not a FEMALE name!
But Croatian pronunciation is different than English.
Croatian: MA-rin with short I
English: ma-REEN with long EE
Marin is the name of an important female character in the game The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. So, I associate this name with idealism and music.
I love this name! However, I've seen it on the female side of the top 1000! What the hell? It's a Romanian male name. The proper feminine form is Marina. ALthough most parents probably don't care and are using this as a kreatyv spyllyng of Maren. Be careful when using names like these. If your daughter is named Marin and she goes to Romania, she'll get laughed at! Please save the embarrassment and pick something else.
In the book House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros, there is a Puerto Rican girl named Marin.
Marin is a beautiful name for a girl. I like the spelling Maryn the best. The one girl I know named Maren pronounces it mare-in.
Marin county in California is just north of San Francisco; it's one of the most affluent areas in the state.
My last name is Marin. I never thought it was a first name. My last name comes from Spain way back in the days when Spain invaded the Aztec and fooled them. Oh well, that's another story.
My cousin's name is Maryn and she is a girl. Her mom spelled it this way to be unique. I always thought of Maryn as a girl name and I am surprised the spelling Marin is a boy name. I know another girl named Marin who spells it just like that.
Males named Marin are also found in Croatia. This could be because of the Venetian influence on the coast. Although, there are many male inhabitants of the city of Dubrovnik with the name which suggests a different influence. Marin Drzic, a writer from Dubrovnik alive in the 1500s (who happens to be the person I was named after), is probably the most famous. [noted -ed]

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