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My second name is Maryse, which is a common girls name in Quebec. I have never seen it spelled Marise, though.
Ashleigh  12/4/2004
Originates from Maria (sad, sea) and Elisabeth (I'm true to god).
marise  12/25/2004
My name is Marise, so it is spelled with an i instead of an y sometimes.
marise  12/25/2004
Very pretty and sweet sounding.
― Anonymous User  10/23/2006
It's so pretty and sweet.
scholasticastewart  11/11/2007
Marise in French classical cookery is a flexible spatula used to "scrape" mixture in bowls etc. especially in baking. With modern tools it has become extinct not as a tool but by the name Marise; actually as a chef of international cuisine it is a bit sad to find out that Marise have disappeared from the kitchen.
hinthre  5/3/2009
Maryse Lightwood is a character in the series The Mortal Instruments.
Dessa  1/2/2012
Ma-Reese or ma-riss?
― Anonymous User  1/19/2013
Pronounced ma-reez.
Theodore-Lenin  5/26/2014
This is a beautiful, pretty and classically charming name with plenty of wonderful vintage flair. ;)
― Anonymous User  6/7/2014

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