Very refined and handsome.
I think it is a lovely and handsome boy's name.
Marius, Maris (as well as Marina, Maria, Marisa) came from the ancient Latin "mar". Marius MR has no connection to Mars MRS or to MAS.
It's the wrong explanation here at the Behind the Name.
Also Gascon: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
I cannot believe this name isn't in the top 1,000 in the US. It is very strong but not overly complicated or pretentious, suits men and boys of all ages.
This is such a handsome, masculine name. It's quite common in South Africa where I live though. Nonetheless, I think it should be used way more in other countries.
I saw a 1952 Les Miserables movie and Marius was pronounced MAR-ee-OOS. My mom and I laughed so hard at that.
EDIT: it was a dumb movie and probably not accurate, so I wouldn’t use this pronunciation.
It’s a pretty good name, along with the Les Mis association which makes it extra special. If you’re going to name your son after a Les Mis character, this is the name for you. He’s the only male that doesn’t die, because they had to kill off Gavroche, of all people.
Back in fashion in france.
The name Marius was given to 58 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
There's a play, later adapted into a movie, by the French playwright Marcel Pagnol called Marius. Marius is the main character.
The drummer from Daddysmilk is named Marius.
The German pronunciation is MAH-ree-uws. [noted -ed]
Marius Goring was a famous 20th century English actor. His wife was German-born actress Lucie Mannheim, and he was often assumed to be of German origin too, but was as English as cheddar cheese.
Pronounced "MAHR-ee-us".
Pronounced Ma-ree-oos.MA -> with a clear "A"), like MA-MA. :)
REE -> clear and well pronounced "R", and "E" like "I" from "Idiot". :)
OOS -> like "oops!" without "p" :)MA-REE-OOS! MA-RI-US!
MARIUS is a Roman name. It is the true male form of MARIA. Actually it is derived directly from this name.
Marius is also an original Lithuanian name derived from Lithuanian word "marios" (sea) and means "the one, who is from the sea".
In Lithuania Marius is pronounced as Mah-roos with soft "u" (similar to the pronunciation of "u" in the French language).
Some say that Marius is the male form of Maria, which is the latin form of Mary.
Pronounced "MAR-ee-oos" (shortly)
The oldest son of Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway bears the name ''Marius''. He does not have any title.
Marius Müller-Westernhagen is one of the top rock singers in Germany.
Marius is also a character from Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, an ancient Roman vampire who watches over Those Who Must Be Kept.
From Maris or Marios, an ancient Greek name. He fought in the Trojan war, son of the king of Lykia Amisodaros.
A character from Victor Hugo's famed "Les Miserable" play is named Marius.
Sorry, but Victor Hugo didn't write a play. He wrote a novel that was adapted into a musical. Marius is a character, though.

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