Nice name. I've heard it more on girls, but I think it sounds lovely on both guys and girls.
All the spellings are cute!
Never thought of this name as unisex. It sounds feminine to me.
Honestly, I like this better on a girl than a boy.
It sounds like a dog name, sorry.
I also think Marlee would be better on a girl.
Love this name for a girl! I think it's the perfect mix of feminine and masculine, and it works for both "tomboys" and "girly-girls".
My name is Marley and I love it! My parents paired it with the French middle name Collette and everyone thinks it's really pretty together! I was named after Bob Marley because my dad really likes his music! Everyone I've met have LOVED it! All in all I'm really happy to have this name. By the way, I'm a girl and I was shocked to hear that there are guys with the same name! Most people use the nickname Mar, Marbar, Marzipan, Marlz,and Marmar (which I hate). Most people spell it right but I do get the occasional Marly, Marlee, or Marleigh. Although most people hear my name as Molly or Carlie.
Prefer Marlene.
As a FEMININE name, it can also be used as a diminutive of MARLENE, MAGDALENE/MADELEINE/MADELINE, MARILYN and other similar names with THAT particular sound.
In some other English-Speaking and European Countries like the UK and France, it can also be used as a MASCULINE name, making it UNISEX.

It's MORE popular as a MASCULINE name in the UK. [noted -ed]

It ONLY appeared in France as a MASCULINE beginning in 2008 name and NEVER as a FEMININE name.

In Brazil, it's equally popular among BOTH GENDERS

Usages in Other Countries.
I like it on a girl, but not a boy. Sounds feminine. And I'd spell it Marlee, it looks better.
In France, this name (Marley) is NEVER marked as a FEMININE name. It ONLY appeared in the top 500 most popular names in France as a MASCULINE name ONLY.
Also used as a masculine name more often in some places like the UK.
Marley is a surname so it can be used for both genders as a first name.
The most popular girl on CB at the moment is also named Marley.
The name Marley was given to 223 boys in the U.S. in 2017.
My late wife and I chose to combine our names as we created this new life with God's blessing. We combined Mary and Charlie and studied the current references in society and alternative spellings. To create no misunderstandings, misspelling or mispronunciation, we chose Marlee for our little princess. After 2.5 years, Marlee's Mother passed away suddenly from a neurological disease, GSS Syndrome. Marlee and Me is a story about surviving the loss of a Mother and wife in our family story. Marlee is now twelve and her Mother would be so very proud of her and the young lady she has become. The name is a comforting smile and hug from heaven every day.
My first name and it is the most embarrassing name ever as a man.
My daughter's name is Marley Lynn, born 1-16-2009. She absolutely loves it, and so does anyone we've ever come in contact with. Yes, she's named after Bob, and we've taken her to Jamaica to show her first hand where the name came from. She loves her name even more since that trip.
The name Marley was given to 258 boys born in the US in 2016.
This name has to be changed to unisex. There are enough boys around the world named Marley for it to be considered so.
It's awesome, this name be dope.
My name is Marley and I am a girl. It works perfectly but sometimes, here and there I find a boy that's name is Marley. Sometimes it's quite annoying but overall I think it is a great name for a girl. So if you think this name is ugly for a girl that's your opinion and this is mine.
As a little girl I hated Marly, everyone thought it was short for something or called me Mary. So in second grade I started spelling it Marlee and it was like a light switch! I loved it and everyone started complimenting it. I wasn't Mary or Marlene anymore, I was Marlee! Although I never legally changed it everyone still spells it that way. I'm always name dropping to pregnant mom's of girls but nobody's bitten yet, lol. LOVE MARLEE!
My name is Marley and I LOVE it! No, I'm not named after the singer or the dog. I'm named after the ghost of second chances, Jacob Marley. I was my parents second chance after my older brother died because he was born premature. I'm proud to be a Marley, to be a me.
LOVE this name! I think it's so cute!
I love this name. My favorite combination is Alexa Marley.
I see a lot of comments about Bob Marely, or Jacob Marley, associating this name with males for that reason. Keep in mind those are SURnames, and as such, surely there are females in the family? Marley is predominantly a female fist name.
I named my baby girl Marley Rae. I love Bob Marley and used the name for inspiration but she wasn't named after him. We get the "Marley and Me" dog comments too, but I am proud of my daughter's name and hope she grows up loving her name. Her middle name Rae, comes from her father's name, Raymond (everyone calls him Ray). When we were testing out names we both knew immediately that Marley Rae was it. Haha, we picked it out before ever getting pregnant and had no idea what we would name a boy if that's what we had. Luckily we had our sweet little girl and gave her the name we had planned on for years. Reading other comments on here from other women named Marley makes me optimistic that my daughter will grow up and love her name. It is definitely unique and I couldn't picture my baby named anything else.
I named my baby girl Marley, a lot of the inspiration came from the reggae legend Bob Marley. When I listen to his music I feel love, peace, and happiness, and when I look at my baby girl I see and feel the same peace, love, and happiness that she has brought into my life.
My name is Marley (I'm a girl) and I absolutely love it! I like that the spelling is used for males and females, as I'm not too feminine of a person so it feels strong in a sense. I do get comments on the dog and Bob Marley quite often, but I have fun with it. When I introduce myself I often just say "I'm Marley, like the dead dog, and drug smoking reggae singer" to get it out of the way and it makes people laugh. People spell it many different ways, for example: Marlee, marleigh, marli, Marlie and most often, Marly, but I definitely prefer it spelled Marley because of its gender neutral-ness.
My friend's name is Marley and It is awsome. The only thing annoying about it is that everyone calles her Bob. P.S. My friend Marley is a girl!
We named our daughter Marley Sinclair.

It started out as a joke early in our relationship. My husband (then boyfriend) might say/do something that one would probably not in front of a child. I would quickly point it out, and would ask is this something you would say/do in front of "Marley"? "Marley" being our pretend child that was either male/female and it just stuck. When we found out we were pregnant, we immediately knew we would name her Marley since she'd been a part of our lives already for nearly 5 years.
My surname is Marley. I personally feel blessed to have such a name that is well known thanks to a famous Jamaican and a film.
My name is Marley. I've been named after Bob Marley and am often teased about being named after a dog, as in Marley and Me, but I don't see it being a male name in any way, especially not knowing any other people with the same name.
I always love the name Marley but my husband prefers the spelling Marlie, so we named our baby girl "Samarlie".
I named my daughter Marley after the famous deaf actress Marlee Matlin who was the staring role for "Children of a lesser God" with William Hurt. She wrote in her book about her life and admitted they had a torrid love affair during production. She won the academy award for her role.
This name is so cute and sweet! ^^
I can't hear this name without thinking, "Marley was dead, to begin with."
We named our daughter Marley Jo. I think it is so cute and everyone else seems to really like it. Has an old feel but with a modern touch. And yes, of course we are huge Bob Marley fans :0.
My 9 yr old daughter Carly has expressed her wishes as to what her baby sister will be named, one of the names she chose was Marly (though we will probably spell it Marleigh as my sister's middle name is Leigh) and she likes Rosie too (we agreed that Rose could be a middle name). As of now, our baby girl will be named Marleigh Rose and it has nothing to do with Bob Marley or the Glee character. Carly has waited a long time for a sibling and the least we could do was to allow her to help name her baby sister.
Marley the dog was named after Bob Marley. Just thought that was worth saying.
I love the name Marley. And no, I'm not naming my daughter Marley because of the dog. I'm naming her that because of the Jamacian singer 'Bob Marley'. I wasn't a huge fan of him, but his music brought peace and love. And I think Marley sounds very exotic. I would name her Marley Alexandra. My childhood best friend's name is Alexandra or Alex. I'm sure she would be honored. But I think Marley is a beautiful name with a innocent meaning behind it.
Though more common for males in the UK, the name Marley is more often found on baby girls in the US. It was given to 188 baby boys here in 2012. I personally prefer it for a boy.
Okay, if I use the names Jake or Liam for my pet does that means everyone in the world can't use it? Like we use pet name on people all the time and people might forget the association because one of the characters, Marley Rose is getting popular.
My name is Marleigh. And love my name, I am a girl and I think it is wonderful.
I love this name I would use it for a girl, but boy wouldn't be awful either. For a boy I'd spell it Marley but for a girl I might spell it Marleigh or Marlee.
No offence to those who like this name, but I don't agree with you; I keep on mentally associating it with Jacob Marley of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol", so I can't picture this as a girl's name.
On another note, the name seems rather unassuming to me and hence might bring to mind someone who is silent... I don't know, that's just my impression. The name won't stand out, and that property has its own pros and cons.
This can also be used as a short form of the names Marlon, Marlin, Marla, Marlene etc.
I really like this name for a little girl. It's very pretty and I would be proud of it if it was my name. (:
I have a dog named Marley. He's a golden retriever. So now, when we tell people his name, they always say, "Like Marley & Me?" No. We got him in 2001, long before the book came out. As a matter of fact, we named him after Bob Marley, one of the greatest musicians ever.
My name is this and I have always been teased by the Marley and Me movie and Miley Cyrus. I really like this name though. I really am proud my parents named me this! LOL.
My name is Marley. I like it, but I've been teased recently about the "Marley & Me" movie, and I always get Bob Marley comments, but people seem to do that in a positive way.
Marley actually strikes me as more of a male name than a female name, though it's still rather androgynous. I do like it though, rare since I can't stand most androgynous names. I feel that for boys it has a playful feeling while for girls it has a generally happy feeling.
Because of the book, Marley and Me, and because I personally know THREE dogs named Marley, I simply cannot imagine a person with this name!
I think it sounds better for a girl, but I can see a boy named Marley.
I think this name sounds ugly on a girl. It's okay on a boy.
All I can think of is barley soup!
I love this name as a first name for a guy, because I think of Bob Marley.
Marley is the name of Will Smith's character's daughter in the film "I Am Legend". He is a huge Bob Marley fan.
Can also be short for Marlene.
The second thing that I think of, after Bob Marley, is Jacob Marley, Ebenezer Scrooge's business partner. I still really like the name though!
Marley Shelton is an actress. She's been in movies like Pleasantville, Never Been Kissed, and Sin City.
My boy cousin was named Marley Lucas. Marley after Bob Marley and Lucas after Cabo San Lucas where they live. I don't know any girls as Marley.
Marley is an awesome name for a girl, very unique and easy to grow up with.
Marley is an awesome name. The only people I have known with this name have been female.
Angelina Jolie's daughter is Zahara Marley.
I think Marley is a great name. My daughter's brother is called Marley. He is named after the great singer BOB MARLEY because her dad likes Bob Marley.
Marley means many things in a lot of different languages, for instance in Croatian it means little boy and in another language it means beautiful flower. Personally I think it is the most awesome name ever.
This name means "pleasant wood" because it comes from the myrrh bush. When cut, the tears of the myrrh bush are the essential ingredient for the most fragrant perfume and have healing qualities.

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