Why is this a boy name while it's female?
This name can also be MASCULINE, making it UNISEX.
In the USA between 1912 and 1978, it was more often a MASCULINE name.
In the UK until 2015, it was more often a MASCULINE name. [noted -ed]
I've only seen it as feminine and spelled Marlo. I also really don't like it. I also don't like Marley, but Marla is nice.
I really love this name. It flows well, and I like the association with water/nature.
The name Marlowe was given to 29 boys, in the US in 2018.

Marlow was given to 35 boys and Marlo was given to 65 boys.
Marlowe is an English name that means 'from the lake by the hill'.
This should really be listed as unisex.
I like it for a girl. Not much for a boy since it's a nature name.
Sienna Miller and Tom Sturrige have a daughter named Marlowe Ottoline.
This name is cute and spunky for a girl. I like it. Kinda gives me the same feeling as a name like Paige, Piper, Harper, Reese, or Willow...
The name Marlowe was given to 220 girls born in the US in 2015.
Philip Marlowe is a character played by Humphrey Bogart in the movie The Big Sleep.
It's a great name for a boy; Please, people, don't name your daughters this.
Actor Jason Schwartzman and his wife Brady named their daughter Marlowe Rivers Schwartzman.
Marlowe, or MARLO, is also a GIRL'S NAME! :P
LOVE THIS NAME! If I have a son when I get older I wouldn't mind naming my son this. Marlowe sounds like a handsome man's name.
I like Merleawe for a girl version. It's not on here.
I sincerely hope Marlowe doesn't turn into a feminine name. With the rise of Harlow, it very well may turn into one. I really detest the fact that it has been made somewhat unisex. It is softer, yes. However, it still strikes me as strong, especially with this spelling.
I named my son this but left off the e. We always get good comments about his name and think it's pretty unique without being weird. It sounds strong and masculine but not hard.
I'm surprised the site doesn't list the alternate spelling "Marlo", and that it is also used as a female name now. A famous bearer is Marlo Thomas, whose real name is Margaret. I know at least two females who were named after her.
My great-grandfather, father, and brother all have this as a middle name. I love it and think it is very strong and unique. I want to name my son this.
I prefer it as a female name. It has a strength & dignity that often exists in surnames while still affording the softness for nicknames like Marlie.
Christopher Marlowe was a Renaissance playwright who wrote Doctor Faustus.

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