I like the name for how pretty it is and it makes a refreshingly uncommon choice, but the “warlike” meaning for me would be a reason not to use it.
Wow, my name is Martine- I love this name so much. It means warlike and is Roman and the servant of Mars.
I don't know about the danish pronunciation, but I know that in french, they don't pronounce the "e" at the end.
I like the name Martine because it is pretty, and a while back I was in this fourth grade book group-thing, and we read a book called Dolphin Song. The main character was named Martine, and we always joked around that she pronounced it "mar-teen-ee" not "mar-teen". :P
Good name, I like it. It's very close to sounding like the cocktail drink "Martini" (made of vodka or gin with vermouth). Cool name to have.
I've a friend of Dutch origin whose name is Martine and pronounced mar-TEEN-nə [noted -ed]
Martine is French but also Danish.
In French this name's pronunciation is mar-TEEN but in Danish this name's pronunciation is mar-TEEN-e.
This name comes from Denmark too.
Pronounced mar-TEENE (Denmark)
Martine McCutcheon is in EastEnders way back, Love Actually etc.

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