I'm a trans guy and I chose Martyn as my name because I really like it and prefer how it looks spelt with a Y. It also sounds like it's supposed to be spelt with a Y rather than an I to me, although I'm not sure why I get this impression.
Martyn Littlewood is a British Minecraft/Fortnight Youtuber and variety twitch streamer (InTheLittleWood). He is also a member of the YOGSCAST group, and has previously hosted a radio show called The Wengles.
Also the Cornish form: -- Sen Barth ha Sen Martyn (St Barth and St Martin in English) -- bearers
Usages: Manx [noted -ed]

Meaning: Manx form of Martin. This name was made popular by Saint Martin of Tours, to whom there was, at least, one church dedicated in Mann.

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Given to 7 boys in America in 2014.
I can't stand it! Why in the world would you spell Martin with an y instead of an i? This drives me berzerk!
It's spelt with a 'y' instead of an 'i' because that's how the Ukrainian (and Welsh apparently) language works.
Martyn Davis is an weather presenter on the UK network ITV.

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