Marwa Al-Sabouni (Arabic: مروة الصابوني‎; born 18 September 1981) is a Syrian architect and writer. She believes that architecture plays a role in maintaining a city's peace. Her first book, The Battle for Home, was selected by The Guardian as one of the top architectural books of 2016. She was selected as one of the BBC 100 Women in 2019.
Marwa Hassan is an Egyptian entrepreneur and fashion influencer on social media. Born and raised in Egypt by Egyptian parents with an Islamic upbringing, she acquired her own hijabi style that she uses her platform to share. While Marwa is in her final year at university studying accounting, she is also a blogger and fashion designer.
Gorgeous name :)
Marwa Loud is a Moroccan-French singer.
Marwa Ahmed Hussein Arafat is an Egyptian hammer thrower. Her personal best throw is 68.48 metres, achieved in February 2005 in Cairo. This is the Egyptian record, a former African record, and ranks her as the second best African thrower after Amy Sène.
The Iranian form is "Marva", spelled "مروه"
The Turkish form of this name is Merve. [noted -ed]
I think this name is absolutely stunning.
Very exotic!
Beside meaning fragrant plant, the name Marwa also means a piece of white rock. In addition, the Arabic name for the word quartz is marw and marwa is the singular.

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