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Also used in France; in fact it quite possibly originated in France, as INSEE has data from 1911. [noted -ed]
Pie  8/14/2014
I personally like this name. Although, I’m sure I pronounce it wrong. I pronounce it like Mary-VON-e
Well, unlike all the other comments, I LOVE this name!
Myth Writer Dreamer  10/5/2010
This name sounds simply strange and tacky. Combo names rarely sound nice. Too bad, as Yvonne is quite a classy name.
slight night shiver  4/30/2008
Dreadful! Very few names that have been made from squashing two together are able to look good, and this horror is not one of them. Mary and Yvonne are lovely names, but they don't flow smoothly in that order, and especially not when rammed together like this.
gaelruadh19  1/29/2007
I don't like this name very much. It sounds like Mary Vaughn. But, that's just one person's opinion.
dreadfulxsorry  1/24/2007
This is the name of author Jean Rhys's daughter.
emma-lu  10/19/2006

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