Massimiliano Ossini (1979-) is an Italian ex-model and TV presenter.
Massimiliano Palombara (1614 – 1680) was marquis of Pietraforte and Conservator of Rome between 1651 and 1677. He is the author of the La Bugia (the Candle), a book of verses, written in 1656 in Rome. He built the Villa Palombara which included five gates with occult inscriptions including the still-standing Porta Alchemica According to historians, his interest in the occult, Kabbalah and mysticism brought him into contact with Cardinal Decio Azzolino and his confidant, Queen Christina of Sweden (then living in Rome having converted to Catholicism).
Massimiliano Soldani (15 July 1656 – 23 February 1740) was an Italian baroque sculptor and medallist, mainly active in Florence. Born at Montevarchi, the son of a Tuscan cavalry captain, Soldani was employed by the Medici for his entire career.
Massimiliano Varrese (1976-) is an Italian singer, dancer and writer.
The pronunciation is mahss-see-mee-LYAH-no. [noted -ed]
In Italy Massimiliano was fashionable in the 1960s and 1970s. It was the 10th most popular name in Rome in 1966, the 4th (behind Andrea, Alessandro and Marco) in 1971 and the 11th in 1976.
If I ever have a boy I'd love to name him after my favorite football (soccer) team (and city) AC Milan. I've decided that if I do this I will use the gorgeous name "Massimiliano" with the nickname Milan.

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