I laughed my head off when I saw this name.
Geez, am I the only one who doesn't hate this name? Sure, it's silly, and I doubt I will ever like it, but I also think it's eccentric in a good way.
Is Masterman really a master man?!
Sounds so silly.
This is actually a name?! Geez, now I've seen everything.
This name sounds so self centered and silly. Please, don’t name your kid something like this.
This is an actual name? Jeez, and I thought my name was bad. Masterman sounds like someone looked at the words 'Master' and 'Man' and thought, ah, yes. I am a man and a master. I am... Masterman.
Lol! This name is hilarious. I can't take anyone with this name seriously.
Absolutely ridiculous.
And people find Maximillian pretentious and elitist.
This name is absolutely wonderful! I would definitely use it for the surname of a character in one of my novels. It has so much authority to it in my opinion, and I think that it would be a great last name for a villain or antagonistic character.
*Shivers* It's not even a good last name...
Two words:

Heck. No.

This is a name? Geez, the things we come to these days. Poor kid.
Lol at the 8% who voted feminine.
This could also be a trendy girl's name. I mean Masterman, it's not like you could make it worse.
Ugh. This name is pretentious beyond words and wouldn't reflect well.
Too silly of a name to give a child. No offense. That's just my opinion though.
This name just makes me laugh.
You absolutely must be joking! A child named "Masterman"? This name will earn your son endless teasing at school, no question about it. If this boy doesn't go gun-maul at school or threaten people with an axe, I'll eat my hat.
Bwahahaha, have people actually used this pompous and megalomaniacal, tacky name on their sons? It's so over-the-top, and I bet it would just lead to hysterical laughter and bullying.
Best. Name. EVER! (Kidding.)
English novelist, Captain Frederick Marryat (July 10, 1792 – August 9, 1848), used Masterman for the name of the main character in his book Masterman Ready, or the Wreck in the Pacific (1841).

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