Math stands for:
Nothing wrong with this... but what if your kid DOESN'T like Math?
Might as well name your kid Reading, LOL.
I hate this name and I hate Math.
I like the meaning, bear.
I hate this name, because I hate Math!
Seriously? People naming their kids after an academic subject? That's unusual.
This name is hilarious!
Funny name.
I like this name because I like Math. Simple as that. Math is the greatest subject and generally people who hate it probably don't have a strong grasp on the subject. But anyway, this name is great.
This is actually a good name, especially the meaning.
Have fun with this name.
Really? Math?
Most people don't even like Math so imagine what your son would have to go through when naming him this.
In the UK, mathematics (& mathemateg in Welsh) is shortened to 'maths' so the confusion doesn't arise.
I can't imagine naming your kid after a school subject. It's just weird.
Wow, I know a lot if people who can't stand Math but giving it as someone's name would send them to the emergency room! Lol

I get that it's a diminutive of say, Mathew/Matthew or Matthers but Math on its own would not work in the states. Ha! (:

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