Strong, and handsome, although I do prefer Matthias a little more; however, I strongly dislike the nickname Matt!
I like this name 'Mathias' because this is my real name.
Good strong name. Hope he isn't called Mat.
Love this name unfortunately the boy will more than likely be called Matt and I really dislike that name... makes me think of the mat you wipe your feet on... ew.
It is also a Belgian name.
I like it. Nice, strong masculine name.
Mathias Køhler, or Denmark, is a supporting character in Himaruya Hidekaz's webcomic series/manga Hetalia, as well as its anime adaptation.
My best friend in my life has this name, he's from Denmark. Needless to say I have a very high opinion of it and associate it with kindness and happiness.
Ridiculously gorgeous Danish model Mathias Lauridsen bears this name.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Mathias here:
Nickname is Mat.

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