Seems like some people here think Matia is the feminine version of Matthew. I don't know if it really is used for girls, but as a boy who is named Matia, I can at least confirm that it is used for males too.
One of my younger cousins is named Matia, and said cousin is a girl. Never knew Matia was a boy's name.
In my opinion, Matia is actually the feminine form of Matthew. There are more feminine forms of Matthew I like, Mattine, Mattina, Mattette, Mattetta, Mattelle, Mattella, and Matiana. Mattie would make a great nickname. I still think Matia’s a girls name.
The Italian pop music group "Matia Bazar". It was founded by Aldo Stilita and achieved international recognition in the late 70s. One of the group's hits is the song "Tu Semplicita".

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