Matilde is also French, Catalan, Galician, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Estonian, and Latvian. The name day for Matilde in Estonia is March 14. The name day for Matilde in Latvia is March 14.

Also Estonian:
Add Usage: Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, German, Dutch, Latvian, Catalan

Pronounced: ma-TIL-deh (Norwegian), ma-DEHL-dhə (Danish), ma-TIL-də (German)

Meaning: Form of Mahthildis (see MATILDA) used in several languages.
Matilde? Hmmm... I think it is a name that sounds rather refreshing and contributes a fresh ‘coat of paint’ to the English classic known as Matilda.
Just as bad as Matilda.
Beautiful and aristocratic. Horrendous? Seriously people? And probably you call your daughter Kennedy Paisley etc.
This name is beautiful and sophisticated. Horrendous? Seriously? It's so classic. Matilde of Canossa was an elegant and noble woman. It's really posh in a good way. A lot of Aristocratic women have this name.
It's boring and just sucks.
This name sucks! I can think of over a billion reasons why! First, every person I see that is called Matilde is dumb and stupid, secondly it seems like a name made for bad people, and thirdly what a horrendous name!
The person that said what a horrendous name is a friend of mine named Derek and when we discovered this website we started making fun of each others' names. I think my name is absolutely perfect, I love it very much!
What a gorgeous name! A nice nickname would be Tillie or Maddy.
I like it so much. For me it's really sophisticated.
Pronounced [muh-TEELD] in Portuguese.
Matilde Serao (Patra, Greece, March 7th 1856 - Naples, July 25th 1927) was an Italian writer and journalist. The main subject of her works is the popular world of Naples.
Matilde is also an Italian name. It was relatively common in the 19th century. In the 20th century it was not much used and usually regarded as an ugly, obsolete name. Today it has become popular again, at least in Northern Italy (it ranks 8th of the most popular names in Bologna in 2004, 9th in Venice, 16th in Milan; 27th in all Italy in 2006). [noted -ed]
(not in a Spanish-spoken way) In the movie Zoolander, the main actress's character's name is Matilda. At some point in the movie, Derek says, "Matilde. Do you mind if I call you Matilde?" That's how I will always reference it.
Matilde Camus (born 26 September 1919 in Santander) is a Spanish poet who has written research works.
Matilde Urrutia (May 5, 1912 - January 5, 1985) was the third wife of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, from 1966 until his death in 1973. They met in Santiago in 1946. Urrutia was the inspiration behind Neruda's work 100 Love Sonnets which includes a beautiful dedication to her. Neruda withheld the publication for some years to spare the feelings of his previous wife.

After Neruda's death, Urrutia edited for publication his memoir, Confieso que he vivido ("I confess to have lived"). This and other activities brought her into conflict with the government of Augusto Pinochet which tried to suppress the memory of Neruda, an outspoken communist, from the collective consciousness.

Her own memoir, My Life with Pablo Neruda, ISBN 0-8047-5009-2, was published posthumously in 1986.
I think this name is awful, it looks nice and would be okay if pronounced the same as Mathilde, but I hate the pronunciation listed.
Italian supermodel Bianca Balti has a daughter named Matilde, born in 2007.
What a horrendous name.

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