I like this name so much and prefer it more than single T version, Mateo. When I think of Matteo, I picture a confident boy who is popular with girls.
It's a strong, Italian name. I adore the nickname Teo too! An exotic version of Matthew.
I personally think that this name could work here in the States and it does sound quite charming in my humble opinion. Furthermore, one other reason this name holds up nicely is that it adds a nice alternative to the equally nice name of Matthew.
Unfortunately, that vile racist xenophobe Matteo Salvini really ruined this name. It's overused anyway. (I bet we're going to see a huge increase in this name's popularity in Italy considering how much Italian millennials love Salvini.)
Also Dutch, Swedish (Modern), Norwegian (Modern), English (Modern)

Pronounced: mat-TEH-o (Swedish, Norwegian), mə-TAY-o (English)
According to ISTAT in 2017 were born 4, 072 Matteo in Italy.
Matteo Sereni is an Italian football goalkeeper. Born in Parma, Sereni started his career at UC Sampdoria, and was loaned out to A.C. Crevalcore in 1994. He returned to Sampdoria and only made 10 appearances before being transferred to Piacenza Calcio in 1997. Here he helped the club avoid relegation to Serie B, but in 1998 he transferred to Empoli F.C., where he failed to avoid relegation.
This name is adorable for a little boy! Not a fan of the nickname Matty, but Teo is adorable.
Matteo Torres from The Sims 3: Island Paradise is a bearer of this name.
According to ( Matteo is ranked 1st place (2015) in Luxembourg and ranked 2nd place in Malta (2014 and 2013) but ranked 1st place in 2012.
Matteo Becucci is an Italian pop singer and musician, best known for winning the second series of the Italian X Factor television series in 2009. In 1990, aged 20, he made his debut with performances in the province of Livorno, accompanied by Richard Towers and Claudio Fabiani. Three years later he joined the group "Rien à faire", who disbanded in 1995. Between 1994 and 1995, he opened some concerts for Sergio Caputo. In 1995 he formed a duo with Franco Ceccanti, the '"Check-Back", disbanded in 1997, when Becucci began working with Mr. Pitiful Soul Band, then finished in 2006. Come in 2000 he released Come una cosa andrò for the soundtrack of the film Non come un bang by Mariano Lamberti. In 2003 he released the album Liberi di mente the singer's first album, Leghorn. From 2007 he was the male voice of "Bubbles Montenisa Band, a 10 piece group, with whom he collaborated until 2008.
Roberto Di Matteo (born 29 May 1970) is an Italian former professional footballer and manager.
I really love this name :) I can see my son named Matteo/Mateo and giving him the nicknames Teo or Teddy. So handsome and classy! It also adds a little spice to a classic middle like James, John, Henry, Richard, etc.
I prefer to say this name as Ma-tay-oh rather than ma-tee-oh. It just doesn't stand out to me or sound as "pleasant" as tay-o does.
Matteo ('Matt') is the given name of the main character (as well as the drug lord he was cloned from) in the award-winning novel House of The Scorpion by Nancy Farmer.
I detest this name greatly. There is just something about it that seems, heavy, generic, and bland.
Matteo Bandello (c. 1480 – 1562) was an Italian novelist.
Matteo Maria Boiardo (c. 1434 – December 20, 1494), was an Italian Renaissance poet. Boiardo was born at, or near, Scandiano (today's province of Reggio Emilia); the son of Giovanni di Feltrino and Lucia Strozzi, he was of noble lineage, ranking as Count of Scandiano, with seignorial power over Arceto, Casalgrande, Gesso, and Torricella. Boiardo was an ideal example of a gifted and accomplished courtier, possessing at the same time a manly heart and deep humanistic learning.
Matteo II Visconti (c. 1319 – September 29, 1355) was co-ruler of Milan together with his brothers Galeazzo II and Bernabò. He was the eldest son of Stefano Visconti and Valentina Doria. In 1342 he married Egidiola di Filippino Gonzaga. His uncle Luchino Visconti exiled him to Montferrat in 1346, but in 1350 returned to Milan. As co-ruler of the duchy after the death of his uncle Giovanni Visconti (1354), Matteo was given Lodi, Piacenza, Parma and Bologna. He died after a dinner in which, according to his mother and others, he had been poisoned by his brothers.
Giammatteo Asola (also spelled Gian Matteo, Giovanni Matteo; Asula, Asulae) (1532 or earlier – October 1, 1609) was an Italian composer of the late Renaissance. He was a prolific composer of sacred music, mostly in a conservative style, although he may have been one of the first composers to write a part for basso continuo.
Matthew Bonnellus (Italian: Matteo Bonello or Bonnel) was a rich knight of an ancient and influential Norman family who became the lord of Caccamo in Sicily. He is most famous as the leader of three consecutive revolts against the ammiratus ammiratorum Maio of Bari and King William I of Sicily.
Matteo Bono (born November 11, 1983 in Ome) is an Italian road bicycle racer who rides for Lampre in the UCI ProTour. Bono turned professional in 2006 and he took up his first pro win at 2007 Tirreno-Adriatico by winning stage 6 and then in the 2007 Tour de Romandie he won stage 4 after being a breakaway with Fumiyuki Beppu and Marco Pinotti and outsprinted Beppu on the line.
Matteo Brighi (born February 14, 1981 in Rimini) is an Italian football player, currently a midfielder for AS Roma of Italian Serie A. Brighi was named Serie A Young Footballer of the Year on 2002.
Matteo Carcassi (Florence, Italy, 1792 - Paris, France, January 16, 1853), was a famous Italian guitarist and composer. Carcassi began with the piano, but learned guitar when still a child. He quickly gained a reputation as a virtuoso concert guitarist.
Matteo Carrara (born 25 March 1979 in Alzano Lombardo) is a Italian racing cyclist with UCI ProTeam Quick Step.
Matteo Civitali (1436-1502) was a Tuscan sculptor and architect, painter and engineer, who was a leading artistic personality of the Early Renaissance in Lucca, where he was born and where most of his work remains. He was trained in Florence, where Antonio Rossellino and Mino da Fiesole influenced his mature style. He is known to have sculpted statues of Adam, Eve, Abraham, Saints Zacchariah and Elizabeth, and others for the chapel of San Giovanni Battista in Genoa Cathedral. He is mentioned with the name of Matteo Civitali by Vasari in his biography of Jacopo della Quercia, and appears to have taken up the art of sculpture at the age of 40 years, after years of practicing as a "barber" (surgeon).

His free-standing chapel, the "tempietto", built in 1484 to enshrine the Holy Face of Lucca, stands in the left nave of the Cathedral of San Martino, Lucca. The Duomo contains also a virtual anthology of Matteo's sculpture, since he worked at the San Romano Altar, and also sculpted the S. Sebastian in the back of the Holy Face Shrine, and two monumental graves in the right transept.
Matteo Contini (born 16 April 1980 in Gemonio, Province of Varese) is an Italian football (soccer) player. He plays defender for S.S.C. Napoli in Serie A. He started his professional career in the A.C. Milan youth system. And loaned to Serie C1 teams Livorno, SPAL, Monza and L'Aquila between 1999-2003, Serie B team Avellino in 2003/04 season. His 50% rights were bought by Parma in 2004 that became full ownership in 2005.
Matthew of Aquasparta (c. 1235 - 29 October 1302) was an Italian Franciscan and scholastic philosopher.
Matteo d'Ajello was a high-ranking member of the Norman court of the Kingdom of Sicily in the 12th century. He first appears as the notary of the Admiral Maio of Bari who drew up the Treaty of Benevento of 1156. He rose to prominence in the next reign, that of William II of Sicily, becoming first grand protonotary and then chancellor.
Matteo Bassi (Matteo da Bascio) (b. in 1495, at Bascio, Diocese of Montefeltro, in the Duchy of Urbino; d. at Venice in 1552) was the founder and first Superior-General of the Order of Friars Minor Capuchins, the principal branch of the Franciscans issued from the Reform of the Observance.
Matteo da Perugia (fl. 1400 - 1416) was a Medieval Italian composer, presumably from Perugia. From 1402-1407 he was the first magister cappellae of the Milan Cathedral; his duties included being cantor and teaching three boys selected by the Cathedral deputies. Little is known about his life apart from this. Willi Apel asserted that he was the greatest composer of his generation, but there has not been sufficient stylistic study of his compositions to affirm this. He wrote in the Ars subtilior style. He wrote many contra-tenors to existing works, which resulted in many of these being wrongly ascribed to him. Matteo wrote in many forms, including the virelai, the ballade, and the rondeau.
Matteo Darmian (born December 2, 1989 in Legnano, MI) is an Italian football defender. He currently plays for A.C. Milan.
Matteo Messina Denaro (born April 26, 1962), also known as Diabolik, is a Sicilian mafioso. He got his nickname from the Italian comic book character of the same name. He is considered to be one of the new leaders of Cosa Nostra after the arrest of Bernardo Provenzano on April 11, 2006. Matteo Messina Denaro became known nationally on April 12, 2001, when the magazine L'Espresso put him on the cover with the headline: Ecco il nuovo capo della mafia ("Here is the new boss of the Mafia"). He has been a fugitive since 1993.
Matthew of Edessa (Armenian: Մատթէոս Ուռհայեցի — Matevos Urhayetsi) was an Armenian historian in the 12th century born in the city of Edessa (Armenian Ուռհա — Urha).

Matthew was the superior abbot of Karmir Vanq (Red Convent), near the town of Kessoun, east of Marash (Germanicia), the former seat of Baldwin of Boulogne.
Matteo Ferrari (born December 5, 1979 in Aflou, Algeria) is an Italian football player who is currently unattached, after leaving Italian club A.S. Roma. Matteo was born in Algeria to an Italian father and a Guinean mother. He grew up in Ferrara and has a brother who also used to be a football player.
Matteo Garrone (born October 15, 1968) is an Italian film maker. Born in Rome, the son of a theatre critic and a photographer, in 1996 Garrone won the Sacher d'Oro, an award sponsored by Nanni Moretti, with the short film Silhouette, that became one of the three episodes that are on his first long film Terra di mezzo in 1997.
I love this name. I just sounds so handsome.
I knew this guy named Matteo, he pronounced it MUTT-TAY-OH.

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