My younger brother's name is this and it's pronounced:
So handsome!
Handsome! Much better than the disgusting, old Matthew!
Gorgeous! Looks better than with one T (Mathias). A friend of my mother has a husband from Germany with this name.
Also English

Pronounced: mat-TEE-as (Swedish, Norwegian), MA-dyas (Danish), mə-THIE-əs (English), mə-TEE-əs (English)

Variant of Matthaios (see MATTHEW) used in several languages.
I'd pronounce it as mə-TEE-əs over mə-THIE-əs.
While I personally prefer Matthew more, this is also a nice name.
I think this would be a nice alternative to Matthew.
Matthias is a beautiful strong masculine name no matter the pronunciation. I wanted to name our son this wonderful name until my husband pointed out that he would probably be called Matt on the playground. That ruined it! Not naming my son after something you wipe your shoes on at the door. I really dislike most nicknames. My husband suggested starting him out with the nickname Thias so no one would call him Matt but it isn't as good as Matthias.
Born and raised in the USA, and I only remember hearing it pronounced as “muh-TEE-us.” I prefer that pronunciation, because it just sounds more natural to me. However, the more I repeat “mah-THY-as” the more I like it. Either way, it’s a nice masculine name.
Das Wunder von Bern is about life in Germany after WW2. Anyhow, I agree, it’s a lovely film and a beautiful name.
My husband grew up watching the Redwall tv series as a kid and held onto Matthias as a name he'd like to give a son one day. Ironically, I read one of the Redwall books when I was a kid and loved it but forgot what it was called as I grew up. It was pretty exciting when my husband reintroduced me to the series. We had a baby boy a year ago and named him Matthias. We pronounce it mah-thie-iss. I do not think it sounds like "my-thigh" though I can see why some people might think that.

We love the name because it is strong and loyal sounding. Whenever we tell people his name they always comment on how much they like it. His two year old sister calls him "Thie-ee" which we find really cute as a nickname for a very young child.
I, too, am familiar with the awesome Redwall series, in which Matthias is the main character of the first book. However, I also love that Matthias was the disciple chosen to replace Judas Iscariot. It's definitely muh-THEYE-us to me.
Matthias Kohler is the most common fan name for the personification of Denmark from the anime Axis Powers Hetalia.
I really don't understand why someone would hate the name.
This name is not a Modern Greek name. [noted -ed]
I am much more inclined to the pronunciation of 'Muh-TEE-us'

'Muh-thie-us' just sounds really awful and stupid in my opinion. Sounds like somebody saying "My Thigh".
I personally love this name. One of the characters (a main character) in the story I'm writing is named Matthias. My character has two separate personalities, the shy, introverted, depressed side, and the outgoing seducer with lots of side chicks, so those are the only personalities I can see somebody with that name having.
Matthew is too common in America, I much prefer Matthias (which I've only ever heard it said Muh-th-eye-iss). It sounds tough:) The lead singer of Falconer is called Matthias.
Matthias (1557-1619) was the son of Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian II and his wife Maria of Spain. He later became Emperor himself.
I've never been able to see this name on a boy. It's always struck me as a girl's name, despite the meaning. Beautiful name, nonetheless.
This name sounds very nice pronounced correctly, but most people around where I live would try to pronounce it "Math-ee-as". I think it would sound strange on your average North American male, as it has an exotic quality to it.
This name is also used frequently in The Netherlands. [noted -ed]
It's a very unique and refined alternative to Matthew, which is exceedingly overused today. It's a great name to give to someone. It gives a very strong impression, and it's definitely a name you'd remember without it being too ostentatious.
I love this name; it's handsome and uncommon where I live, which is always a plus. The only problem is, I have a relative named Matthew, so I'm afraid it might be too similar.
Handsome, sophisticated, casual yet elegant, out of the ordinary, these are some of the words that describe this name. I simply think it's a great name.
Greek origin/gift of God.
Very common in Sweden in the late 80's. Too common.
Matthias is the main character in the German film 'das wunder von bern' about life in Germany after the first world war.
This is actually the original form of the name. Matthew is just an English version.
Matthias Jabs is the lead-guitarist of the band Scorpions.
Actually it's not like 'mafia' at all. It's muh-THY-as, not MAH-thee-as.
This is the name of the character in The Scorpion King played by the Rock.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Matthias here:
Very popular in Germany, pronounced mah-TEE-us. [noted -ed]
Sadly, this name sounds like the word mafia.
Matthias Corvinus was the King of Hungary begining in the mif 1400's. He captured Vlad the Impaler due to forgeries given to him saying that Vlad planned to betray Matthias. Matthias began ruling at only 19 years old.
This is a dashing alternative to the common Matthew.
Matthias is the young mouse in Redwall by Brian Jacques who saves Redwall by using the long lost sword of Martin the Warrior.

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