This name is banned in Germany due to it being "gender ambiguous".
Gender: Feminine & Masculine

Usages: American (Rare)

Meaning: Variant of MATTIE. 34 girls in the USA were named MATTI in 2008.

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Hello, my name is Matti and I am 11 years old and I just wanted to know what my name really meant. That's how I found this web site, it's great. I am a girl and I was named after my mom's friend Mathew.
Matti Hautamäki is a Finnish ski jumper.
Matti also means 'mate', as in checkmate. It's short for 'shakkimatti'.
Matti Meikäläinen is the Finnish version of Joe Bloggs.
The expression 'olla matti kukkarossa' means to have no money.
A person who is late or is often late can be called Matti Myöhäinen, regardless of gender.
Nukkumatti is the usual name for the Sandman (the much rarer name being Unijukka).
Actually, my name is Matti and I'm a girl. I get a lot of comments on it and - surprisingly - a few mispronunciations (/mɛti/). Since I'm in the US, few people know that it's a boy's name unless I tell them. Which I do voraciously since I think it's funny.
My mom still says that it's a girl's name. But I suspect she just doesn't want anyone to know that she gave me a Finnish boy's name.
Another famous bearer is Matti Salminen, the great bass, best known for his Wagner roles.
And who could forget the infamous Finnish ski jumper Matti Nykänen.
One is the current prime minister of Finland, Matti Vanhanen.

And the other one is the lead singer in Hanoi Rock also known as Michael Monroe but he was in fact born as Matti Fagerholm.
I think Matti is an adorable nickname for Matthew.
Can also be pet name for Mattias (in itself a form a Matthew).

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