Also Estonian: [noted -ed]
German and Swedish form of Matthew.
Also Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, English (Modern), Italian (Modern)

Pronounced: mat-TEE-as (Swedish, Norwegian, Italian), MA-dyas (Danish), mə-TEE-əs (English)
Mattias Klefbeck is the main reporter on the Swedish news radio programme "Klartext". Mattias is also the name of the Danish character in the comic/anime "Axis Powers Hetalia", which is odd because this name is much more popular in Sweden than Denmark.
Mattias (born December 2006) is the son of American actor/comedian Will Ferrell and his wife Viveca. Mattias has two brothers names Magnus and Axel.
There's Mattias from Redwall and there's Mattias Eklundh, a sick guitarist from Sweden.
Famous bearer is Czech actor Mattias Valenta.
Czech singer Michal Pavlíček and Karolína Pavlíčková have a son Mattias, he weighed 3,88 Kg and he measured 82 cm.
Czech name day is 24th of February.
Mattias is also the Czech and Slovak form.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Mattias here:

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