I think Maureen is very pretty and it doesn't sound dated to me even though it is.
Maureen Mwanawasa is a Zambian politician and former First Lady of Zambia from 2002 until 2008. She is the widow of former President Levy Mwanawasa.
Maureen Wroblewitz, also known as Maureen Wrob, is a Filipino actress, beauty queen, and model best known for winning the fifth season of Asia's Next Top Model. She represented the Philippines in the competition and became the first Filipina to win.
Sounds like the name of a mermaid, it also sounds like the color aqua Marine.
Anyone who gives the name of Maureen in 2021 should be arrested for child abuse...I never got over the hatred dished my way...thank G-D the name is no longer on the list of popular names for girls.
Sorry for the vent! Just wanted to let people know how I felt. I don't like people to give their kids kids unusual names... again, sorry for the vent!
I too was insulted w this name, called moron repeatedly or moooooo cow... even by my brothers! Not a nice name to give to a female child! My brothers both got nice normal names.
I was given the name Maureen Patricia, I always hated the name. I went to court and legally removed it, I never liked the way it sounded, and also being the only Maureen I knew. Kids at school actually bullied me for it. I feel sorry for any girl stuck with this awful name.
I like this name! Looking good! Maureen is good!
Maureen is a song by Sade from the 1985 album Promise.
This is my middle name. I don't like it because when I tell people my middle name, this is always this conversation:
Person: What's your middle name?
Me: Maureen.
Person: Marie?
Person: Oh.
In response to the previous comment. My first name is Maureen. I had this exact conversation every time I was asked my first name. I now use my daughter's name when providing a name at cafe/restaurant because I am so tired of being called Marie.
Pronunciation: Maw-reen or MOR-een.
I love old fashioned stuff, and I also love this name too.
I think it is rather different. Not great for a small child but interesting for an adult. So very Irish.
A cool and unusual name. I also think Mo is a good nickname to use for it.
I love this given name especially with an Irish surname because I admired Maureen O'Hara as a child. So that association lends itself to loving the name. Like someone else already said the name Maureen Claire is quite lovely. Put the name on a girl with red hair and it's just perfection! I lived in Florida as a child and California throughout my adult life so I don't know where I picked up the pronunciation of "More-reen" or "More-een" but that's been the pronunciation with which I'm familiar.
My starstruck mother named me Maureen after the actress O'Hara and I'm sure that my Irish grandmother had some input. I hated my name as a child, I wanted Patty, Kathy, Debbie; any name that could have a cute nickname, until later in life I got Mo and Reenie, both of which I hated. I am now in my sixties and love my name. Unique and pretty. I named my daughter Jacqueline Maureen. You must admit, you knew a girl named Maureen and you'll never forget her!
I did not like my name Maureen as a child because I wanted a common name. Now as an adult I love my name because it is unique and is a pretty name. There are other older names returning and used that are not as pretty as the name Maureen. I also like that my middle name is Claire which is unique and traditional.
I really like this name. I think it is pretty and feminine. The last person who commented, Maureen Claire, has a beautiful name.
I am blessed with the name Maureen. Named after my aunt whom I love dearly. I am blessed to be Irish and I get to share and educate others about the name. I agree with the positive things already stated.
I am a 34 year old Maureen. Growing up in a section of Philadelphia with a strong presence of Irish Americans, my name was never "weird" or "unheard of." It was/is pretty rare though. That's something I've grown to like however. I've never liked "Mo", I've always been referred to as "Reen" or "Reenie". I found it interesting that other Maureens do not like the "marine" pronunciation. I am constantly called that here in Philadelphia. I stayed in western PA for awhile and cringed when people called me "MORE-een, with a HEAVY emphasis on the the "MORE" part of my name. I think "marine" sounds prettier/more feminine/not as harsh. But, it's just my opinion, as a fellow Maureen.
Interesting fact- Sade also has a really pretty song named "Maureen".
Maureen "Mo" Starkey Tigrett was a hairdresser from Liverpool, England, best known as the first wife of the Beatles' drummer, Ringo Starr. She met Starr at The Cavern Club, where the Beatles were playing, when she was a trainee hairdresser in Liverpool. Starr proposed marriage at the Ad-Lib Club in London, on 20 January 1965. They married at the Caxton Hall Register Office, London, in 1965, and divorced in 1975.
I think Maureen is a lovely sweet name. It is the polar opposite of the trashy "fashionable" names, such as McKayla.
I am a Maureen. I love my name, and it is very beautiful. I hate that some people are being so rude and childish. It is not a dim witted country girl name, nor is it disgusting, awful, or old, but I will try to respect your opinions. Maureen is a timeless, beautiful, unique name, but I hate the nicknames. I despise when people call me "Mo" or "reenie." I also hate when people pronounce it like "Marine." As a child, some people call me "Moron" because they think it is funny. If you are one of those people, it definitely isn't funny. Even though it can be frustrating at times, I would never ever change my name and I love how uncommon and traditional it is. Please keep an open mind and know that there are young Maureens out there who want to learn about their name and stumble across rude comments about how ugly it is instead... All in all, it is a beautiful name and I would love to see more of it, but not so much it isn't uncommon. ;)
Remember every parent when awaiting a child ponders long, and has good reasons for giving the name they do to this child. So unless it is some name you can't find in a baby name book don't be too hard on them. My mother swore that my father chose my first name after some "hussy" he met in England when he was serving in the Air Force. :-) I grew into its meaning - strong and valorous. My middle name was after the actress Maureen O'Hara. The hardest part is the different pronunciations, I was born in Washington, Pa - where it was pronounced "Mawr-een". Then moved to the mid-west where it is pronounced "More-een". I still say to myself, just like my mother, when I do something I probably shouldn't - "VAL-ER-EEE MAWR-EEN" :-)
I didn't really like my name as a child, then I just got used to it. Now, I say my name to someone under 40 and assume they think I am old and the name is up there in popularity with Agnes or Mable. No matter, when my husband and I named our daughters Grace and Claire, people thought our choices were unusual. Now, of course, those names are rather popular.
The name Maureen was given to 43 girls born in the US in 2015.
This name sounds a little hillbilly/redneckish to me. It reminds me of Arlene. It reminds me of a dim-witted country girl, but of course this isn't the case for all with the name.
My name is "Maureen" and I always felt very fortunate because it's not a common name, so I rarely run into people having the same name. It was nice growing up going to school with a name that nobody else had. I felt unique. Many people have complimented me over the years on my name. It would be annoying to have two or more people in the same class or job or anywhere of importance with the same name. When somebody asks me my name, I say it with pride and confidence. I have always been widely accepted in social groups of all classes, never had difficulty making friends and no trouble attracting me. All in all, I feel pretty lucky to have my name. If people out there think it sounds old, they should see the men chasing me all the time. LOL!
This is one of my favorite names, probably coming from my love of Rent.
Jeff Fenholt of Black Sabbath's wife's name is Maureen, he calls her Reeni.
It's a very pretty name if people knew how to pronounce it. I like my name. Thanks.
Maureen doesn't seem very old-fashioned to me, even for an -een name. Possibly because it didn't catch on as much in the States as it did in the U.k. and Ireland. It has a sweet sound to it, but I can't shake the fact that a lot of British rock stars in the 60s and 70s seemed to be married to women named Maureen. Off the top of my head: Ringo Starr (mentioned above), both Robert Plant and John Paul Jones... again, those three are just off the top of my head!
My maternal grandmother's name is Maureen (pronounced Maw-reen) I've never heard anyone call her "marine". I didn't know 'Marine' was even a name. She gets called "Mauro" as a nickname. Mostly by Grandpa. She is 84 years old, so I guess I can see the "old lady" tag, but she is the most beautiful person, and I associate this name with the loveliness that is her.
This name can also be pronounced, "MOR-een". I know two people that have this name and they both pronounce it this way.
My first name is Pamela and my middle name is Maureen. My parents almost used Maureen as my first name but thought it sounded too much like Marine. I prefer having Maureen as my middle. I've only known of few women named Maureen and they have all been smart and artistic with super earthy personalities. Maureen Stapleton has always been one of my favorite actresses.
Maureen O'Brien played the First Doctor's companion Vicki Pallister.
A gorgeous name for a girl. :D Who cares if it's old-fashioned? >:/ Remember, children DO eventually grow up so won't trendy young names like Nevaeh, Jaden, Peyton, Jordyn etc. Both sound and look a little odd for an old person? ¬__¬.
Maureen Tigrett (b. 1946-d. 1994), born Mary Cox. She was the first wife of the Beatles drummer Ringo Starr.
As a Maureen, I constantly get the nickname of Mo by many strangers and people who first meet me. I dislike that nickname with the passion of a thousand burning suns. Also super aggravating is pronouncing it as "Marine" as in a biologist or the military. As much as I love it and as unique it is, the above frustrates me so much I will most likely change my name in the future.
British actress and writer Maureen Lipman (b. 1946).
Maureen Robinson, a character in Lost In Space.
Eww, this is basically a granny name, how could you ever call a baby Maureen?!?!?!
Why do some people think Maureen is a terrible name? I think it's pretty; I have a cousin and an aunt named Maureen.
I have an aunt named Maureen and if pronounced fully, we say More-een. She's always been Moe to everyone though. I'm not a huge fan, but it fits well with her siblings.
Very pretty. Sounds very timeless, like you will never grow out of it (versus if you were named something like "Jaylee"). Also strong, sensible, and traditional.
Maureen McCormick, Marcia Brady in the '70's TV show, The Brady Bunch.I can't say I am a huge fan, I prefer Maura, but I can't disparage the name of that great actress, Maureen O'Hara!
Yikes, I'm not feeling the love here.Personally, I like the name. It doesn't really sound all that "old-fashioned" or ugly to me. In my opinion, it doesn't have that awful of a sound to it, depending on which pronunciation you choose to use. And this is coming from a fifteen-year-old. I've never met someone named Maureen, though the first time I heard the name was in RENT, a musical by Jonathan Larson. While I did not like the character, I adored the name. It was unique, it didn't sound like something a moron would name their kid, and it had a mature feel to it without seeming like something from my grandma's childhood.
It really is like Maw-reen.
I am a 42 year old named 'Maureen' and ALL of my life I have hated the name. I even hate introducing myself as 'Maureen'. I've even thought of changing my name. I have asked people to guess my name before I've introduced myself and they have thought of everything but 'Maureen'. Do not call your child this name. I would love to sue my parents for giving this horrible mane to me.
This is my middle name, and I like it alright. I say More-een. Since my name is Amalia Maureen, my family calls me Molly Mo, but my sister calls me Mo-Mo. I don't really like this as a first name. It makes me think of either cheesy soap operas or old ladies. I like the nicknames, though, so I think it's still a good middle name.
Stabler's daughter on Law and Order SVU is called Maureen.
Not very popular in Ireland anymore, considered old fashioned.
This is both my mother's and my grandmother's name, and they both pronounce it as "maw-REEN" or "mahr-EEN" and not "mo-REEN". My mother hates the nickname Mo and rather goes by Reen or Reenie.
It's an old-fashioned, unpleasant-sounding name that reminds me of that sorry excuse for a human being, Maureen Dowd. All in all, no redeeming features.
"Maureen" is a song by Fountains of Wayne.
Maureen Shirreff is an advertising executive and is included in the new book In Their Shoes by the author Deborah Reber.
Maureen Stevenson is the name of a 1903 Irish girl from the Sisters In Time series.
This is also the youngest sibling of Jeannette in the book "The Glass Castle" by Jeannette Walls.
Maureen Coyle is a character in the film Psycho III that Norman Bates falls in love with. The film was directed by Anthony Perkins (who also plays Norman Bates in the film) in 1986.
Who ever could look at their baby girl and think she looks like a Maureen? AWFUL.
There's a author named Maureen Johnson who wrote my favorite book "The Burmedez Triangle" and of course Maureen of Rent.
Maureen Johnson, the ecletic and wild character from the Pulitzer Prize-winning Broadway Musical RENT by Jonathan Larson. Of all the real-life Maureens I've met, she's still the one that sticks out the most in my head and the first one that comes to mind. A very confidant character, if somewhat overboard at times, but it makes the name a very strong one in allusion to her. One-of-a-kind name for sure. "The Tango, Maureen...."
Great Irish name, could be used also a middle name.
Maureen has been on the top 1000 list from 1910 to the end of the 1990's. Its most popular year was the 1960's where it ranked 116.
I bet loads of people get this name confused with Doreen.
A common nickname is Mo.
Famous 'Maureens' include Maureen Teefy, Maureen MacLean, Maureen Reagan, Maureen Potter, Maureen Lipman, Maureen Stapleton, Maureen McTeer, Maureen Garrett, Maureen Hunter, Maureen McCormick, Maureen Connolly, Maureen Hayes, Maureen Forrester, Maureen Caird, Maureen Dowd, Maureen McGovern, Maureen Hemphill, Maureen Tucker, Maureen Castaneda, Maureen McCorry, Maureen O’Brien, Maureen McHugh, Maureen O’Hara, Maureen O’Connor, Maureen O’Gara, and Maureen O’Sullivan.
Maureen can come from Latin, Gaelic, Irish, Celtic, or Old French. Its possible meanings are great, little Mary, dark-haired, dark, or bitter. The Irish meaning is bitter. The Latin meaning is dark. The French meaning is dark-skinned.
I have recently been to Germany and met a girl named MAREEN. I think this is a very nice form of MAUREEN, too.
From the Irish "Máirín" ("MAH-reen"). The great Irish actress, Maureen O'Hara (born Maureen FitzSimmons), bore this name. Apparantly her mother had something against using the name "Mary" for her child, maybe fearing it was an insult to the Madonna. she must have been horrified when she found that Maureen translates roughly into "little Mary".
Maureen O'Sullivan played Jane, the love of Tarzan (Johnny Weissmuller), in six Tarzan movies between 1932 and 1942.
Maureen Connolly was a tennis champion and is in the Tennis Hall of Fame.

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