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The letter 'x' doesn't exist in the Welsh language. Therefore, MAXEN is actually spelt MACSEN. It is a beautiful and powerful name to give a child. It can also be shortened to Macs which is a cute little nickname. I only know one Macsen which I think is a pity as the name is stunning. [noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  5/31/2015
I'm not Welsh, but I love this name. Although, Macsen is the correct form (for Welsh). The "x" in English is replaced by "cs" in Welsh.
BunnyHop14  6/21/2008
I love Maxen as an alternative to Maxim, since Maxim has such strong ties to the magazine. This is a really great name! I just adore the nickname Max all of a sudden. :)
Pheadirean  7/15/2007

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