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Maxime is a Harry Potter character.
Maxime can also be used as a female name. It’s close to Maxine. It’s actually more feminine than masculine because of that reason.
I love my name.
Love the name Maxime for women, charismatic and confident name. In Quebec, Canada Maxime for a girl is more popular though still a unique name. In the dictionary Maxime is feminine derived from Latin and synonym to proverb.
Actually in France, Maxime is also a feminine name (very rare). The spelling is exactly the same, it is just commonly considered a male name (some French people might be surprised to learn it's also feminine).
I have a question for any French (speaking) people who read this (and anybody else's opinion is also welcome). I'm from Holland and a lot of women here bear this name and say that Maxime is female and that the male version is Maxime without the -e, so Maxim. But this site clearly says that Maxime is French and masculine and Maxim is Russian! Could anybody enlighten me about what the correct male French spelling is?
I believe Maxime is the correct male French spelling.
I like this name. I like that it's French, the meaning and just the sound of it. My mother's family has a tradition of French names so I would like to use this for a son one day. I like the nickname Max but only as a nickname because simply Max is way too common where I live. (Holland)
French revolutionary, Maximilien Robespierre was often called "Maxime" as a pet name.
Olympe Maxime is a female character in JK Rowling's Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. She is the headmistress of the French school, Beauxbatons Academy of Magic.
This name means also "Charming" in Hebrew.
My 10 year old son is Maxime. We love the name. We sometimes call him Max which is a lovely name too.
I love the name Maxime! It can be abbrievated to Max which is cool, and it's quite a hot name if said in a nice French accent!

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