Also Galician:
This name is so ridiculously long and pretentious sounding. I love it!
Great name, in my mind. Elegant and beautiful. Millie and Max make great nicknames!
This name is so ridiculously long that it looks extremely pretentious and pompous. It's a bit of a mouthful and honestly, we all know everyone will shorten her name to Max as NO-ONE would bother to say it full. I recommend the more practical name 'Maxine'.
Maximiliana (1552-1614) was the daughter of Albert V, Duke of Bavaria and his wife Anna of Austria.
This name is so cool! I love it!
This name is a delight.
Maximiliana is a super long, sorta hard to pronounce, BEAUTIFUL, RARE, name. I love it. I love the nicknames: Milli, Ana, Liana, Max, Maxie. I love this name to death.

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