I like this name but I much prefer Mia.
I love this name, it's my name. My friends call me mayonnaise and mayo and I'm not even offended I just think its funny!
Maya and Miguel.
Maya Lakshmi Harris is Kamala Harris's sister.
Maya is also use in Bengali, Nepali, Telugu and Tamil.Scripts: মায়া (Bengali) माया (Nepali) మాయ (Telugu) மாயா (Tamil)
My 11 year dog is Maya. Not a fan for a girl name, but it’s cutsey for a pet.
Reminds me of mayonnaise...
It’s cute. I prefer Mia or Maia. Maya kinda makes me think of mayonnaise...
I absolutely HATE this name! It sounds like "Papaya" - look, your name is spelled wrong. People Maya is MAY-UH, but it turns out to be MAH-YAH. Learn pronunciations. AND NEVER GIVE THIS NAME TO YOUR POOR LITTLE CHILD!
I made a comment here a while ago about my struggles with my name. I won't say they don't still exist, but in the past year I've come to enjoy my name more. There are some issues, however, such as the popularity. Maya is so popular among some groups of people that I've had to be Maya Helen, Maya W., Maya *insert last name*, so many times. However, among other groups of people, it's super uncommon and sounds weird. They'll call me Mia (mee- ah), like the commenter above said, and may - ah. And there are so many spellings...I understand Maia. It's a variant, yes, but it's also sort of its own separate name. I understand Maja and Maiya. I even understand Mayah. But people spell my name Mya all the freaking time and I hate it. Same with Myah, which, believe it or not, really is a common misspelling for me. Both look like they should be said like MWAH or something. I really hate it when people write my name down as Mya. Something about it just bothers me so much. There was a period of time where I thought my name was the root of my issues, but that's passed, for the most part. I do still have insecurities related to my name. I just don't blame it for my other issues so much. I wanted to change my name for a long time, but no name felt right. I don't know if Maya did, but it felt better, and that was enough. If you want to name your daughter Maya, be careful. There's a lot more room for problems then it seems. There are bright sides, though. My name has a bit of a cultural flair, which I like. It sounds good with my sister's name (Lila), and fits my personality pretty well. There's a kid who sings the Numa Numa song whenever he sees me. It's annoying. But I really don't care anymore. All in all, yeah, there are issues with this name. I'm also called Maya the Great by one of my best friends, and Mayanaise by another. The name has issues, but that doesn't make it unusable.
My name is Maya, I find it annoying that people spell my name Mia, that is (me-uh) not (my-uh). Please pronounce it correctly too. It is pronounced (my-uh) not (may-uh) nobody that I have ever met is named (may-uh). Thank you for your time. :)
Maya Anne is a youtuber.
My name is Maya. I'm not named for this meaning, but I have to say it had a very lasting effect. This is kinda brutally honest - I AM an illusion. I'm never heard, never understood, never thought of, you know. It's almost like I don't exist to the world around me. And, well, seeing that my name meant illusion didn't exactly help. Still, I always liked this meaning. I like the mysteriousness and all. But it can be hard.
I only know one Maya, and she pronounces it "My-ya".
I love Maya, and I want to change my name to Maya Noëlle in the future.
The illusion meaning is sort of artistic in the Indian way, like something to do with mandalas or mythology.
This name is pronounced (my-uh) not (may-uh), at least in the United States.
Very popular name across many cultures. I feel like every multi-cultural couple I know names their daughter Maya. I know several in my group of friends. I personally wouldn't choose it because of its' popularity which will date the name. This is also true for Mia & possibly now Mila. Perhaps instead of these, consider the short & sweet Mina or Mira which will sound much more fresh but just as lovely.
Means "materialism" in Sanskrit.
Maya can be a Japanese name.
Mathangi "Maya" Arulpragasam is the birth name of singer/songwriter M.I.A. She is of Sri Lankan Tamil descent.
I know many many many many Mayas, and what I like about this name is that it can be used for many different races and ethnicities. I wouldn't use it for the sole reason that it's too popular for me, but other than that it is a fabulous name.
I prefer it pronounced Mie-a.
Director Pavlína Moskalyková and Matthew Solo have a daughter Maya Solo.
Actress Sabina Laurinová and stomatologist Karel Kameník have a daughter Maya Kameníková, born 28th August 2008.
Maya is the main character in the book Motherland by Vineeta Vijayaraghavan.
Pronounced "Mie-a".
Maya was the main character in the book Motherland by Vineeta Vijayaraghavan.
I like this name. I met a little Asian girl named Maya Mae a few weeks ago, and I've liked this name for a while, even before meeting her. This name is sweet for a little girl, and it goes well with an older woman or teenager too. Although it seems as though the only people with this name that I meet are Asian or Latino, I still like this name. I think it is adorable on Asian and Latino children. The name suits them, as it sweet and every one of them I have met have had a very good personality and attitude.
Maya Fey is a main character in the game series Ace Attorney for the DS.
Maya it is also a Japanese name (I don't know the meaning, a derivation of the name is Mayako that means child of Maya).
For the person who does not know the meaning in japanese - ma means true, ya is night. Though it's more common to spell it maaya, ma for true, aya for rainbow.
This was the name of Queen Maya, the mother of Buddha.
I know someone who spells their name this way, but pronounces it MY-ah.
Sanskrit: In addition to its meaning "illusion" in Sanskrit, Maya is also another name for Durga or Parvati (Goddess of power).
Maya Rudolph is a cast member on Saturday Night Live.
Maya Angelou is a famous poet and story teller.
Maya in Greek means sorcery, witchcraft but it is not used as a name.

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