Megumi Aino is one of the main characters from the 2014 anime series "Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!". Her alter ego is Cure Lovely.
It was also Meg’s Japanesized name on an episode of Family Guy!
Megumi is one of the 5 characters introduced in the Crash Bandicoot game Crash Team Racing!
There was a contestant on What not to Wear with this name!
I think this is a pretty name. If you don’t live in Japan people could call her Meg.
That makes sense why Megumi (JJK) said something about his dad naming him Megumi with no regards to his gender.
Megumi is also used as a masculine given name in Japanese. A known fictional male bearer of this name is Megumi Hanajima from the manga "Fruits Basket".Sources:
In the 1983 TV anime 'Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel' and related media, Megumi Ayase/Ayase Megumi (綾瀬めぐみ) is the main character's rival.
Megumi Ogata, voice actor and singer.
In the magical girl anime Six Hearts Princess/ 6HP, one of the titular princesses is Megumi Daishin/ Daishin Megumi (大信 めぐみ). Her given name is spelled in hiragana.
Megumi (惠) Etō is a fictional character in the novel 'Battle Royale'.
Megumi was particularly popular in Japan in the 1970s and 1980s.It entered the top 10 in 1973. It peaked at #1 in 1981 and last made the top 10 in 1988.恵 (favour, benefit) is the most common spelling.
Megumi Aino is the main protagonist of Happiness Charge Pretty Cure as Cure Lovely. She is voiced by Megumi Nakajima, who sampled her voice for the Vocaloid Megpoid "Gumi".
Megumi Hayashibara is a Japanese voice actress, singer, radio personality, and lyricist from Tokyo and is affiliated with Woodpark Office. One of the most prominent Japanese voice actresses of the 90's, Hayashibara is best known for her roles in Love Hina, Saber Marionette J, Ranma ½, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, Slayers, Detective Conan, Pokémon, All Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku Nuku, Video Girl Ai, and Shaman King.
Megumi Toyoguchi is a Japanese voice actress and radio personality represented by the talent firm 81 Produce. Some of her starring roles are Yao Sakurakouji in Miami Guns, Ran Kotobuki in Super Gals!, Winry Rockbell in Fullmetal Alchemist, Sei Sato in Maria-sama ga Miteru, Revy in Black Lagoon, Hikari in Pokémon, and Eren Kurokawa in Suite Precure. In video games she voices Paine in Final Fantasy X-2, Rosie in Valkyria Chronicles and Yukari Takeba in Persona 3, the last of which has been made into a film series. She is also Aqua from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.
Megumi Yokota is a Japanese woman who was abducted by a North Korean agent in 1977, when she was a thirteen-year-old junior high school student. She was one of at least 17 Japanese citizens kidnapped by North Korea in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The North Korean government has admitted to kidnapping Yokota, but has said that she died in captivity. Yokota's parents and others in Japan have publicly expressed the belief that Yokota is still alive in North Korea and have waged a public campaign seeking her return to Japan.
Megumi Mizusawa is the pen name of a Japanese manga artist. Her real name is Atsuko Naruse, and her maiden name was Katou. She is best known for her manga Hime-chan's Ribbon, which was published in Ribon.
Megumi Odaka, is a former Japanese idol, actress and singer. After winning the "TOHO Cinderella" beauty contest in 1987, where she took place with 1984 winner Yasuko Sawaguchi, she made her film debut as the blind girl Akeno in the movie "Taketori Monogatari" aka "Princess from the Moon". The following year she won a Japanese Academy Award for "Rookie of the year" for her performance in this movie, amongst others.
Megumi Furuya, better known by the stage name Megumi (めぐみ?), is a Japanese tarento, actress, singer and gravure idol. She was raised in Kurashiki, Okayama, but was born in Matsue, Shimane. She is currently affiliated with Suns Entertainment. She dropped out of Kurashiki Suishō Senior High School (at the time an all-girls school).
Megumi Nakajima is a Filipino-Japanese voice actress and singer, currently represented by the Stardust Promotion talent agency. She was born to a Japanese father and a Filipina mother. In 2003, she participated in the "Self Stardust Promotion" contest and passed, thereby affiliating her to the agency. In 2007, she auditioned to the Victor Entertainment sanctioned "Victor Vocal & Voice Audition" and was chosen to voice Ranka Lee in Macross Frontier. Her voice was also sampled to create the Vocaloid named Megpoid.
Megumi was given to 8 baby girls born in the USA (2015).
Megumi Asaoka is a Japanese pop singer, and actress. Her real name is Kayoko Fuji. She made her entrance in showbusiness in June 1972, with her debut single "Mebae". Her biggest hit would be "Watashi No Kare Wa Hidarikiki", which peaked at no. 1, on the Oricon charts, in July 1973.
Megumi sounds cute and gorgeous. ^__^
Shimizu Megumi, from the anime Shiki.
Its better to use a Meg name and live in japan than America without worrying the family guy stigma plus this sounds more elegant than plain old meg.
I actually know a girl named Megumi. It fits her very well. I believe her parents chose it because her father spent some time in Japan, and I know they loved the meaning. Megumi doesn't go by any sort of a nickname, which I think is awesome, since it would be very easy for her to just go by Meg, but then she would loose the uniqueness that her name gives her.
Often, people don't like Japanese names because their meanings are hard to guess, compared to the Latin, Greek, or Germanic ones. But this one, is such a beautiful name because, if it wouldn't had said it was Japanese, I would have though it was Latin! Megumi, sounds to me like... Legume. The French word for vegetables. Yes, yes, it looks like Legumi. See? =D This name looks like a Latin one, and it sounds so marvelous! ^_^ The real meaning is beautiful too.
This is also a masculine name. I've seen it on more males than I have females.
Murakami Megumi, former member of the all-female Japanese group, C-ute is a famous bearer of this name. One fact is that she writes her name with the kanji for love, like in Ai, instead of the one noted here.
Megumi Ouni from Zatch Bell!
This name's so cuuuute.
The name Megumi is the heroine's name in the book "One Bird" by Kyoko Mori.
Megumi Hayashibara is a very prolific anime voice actress. She also sings.
I think Megumi Hanajima is Saki Hanajima's little brother from the manga 'Fruits Basket'. He's a bit pervy, but really adorable and nice. And he always wears black. Like Saki.
In the anime/manga Cheeky Angel, the main character is named Megumi.
A famous bearer of this name is Megumi Takani from the hit anime/manga series Rurouni Kenshin. She is a female doctor who at one time processed opium for a money-loving merchant. Believing that killing herself would be the only way to repent for her sins, she was about to execute her death but was saved by Kenshin Himura. She seems to have a crush on Kenshin, which infuriates Kaoru Kamiya, but seems better matched with Sanosuke Sagara.

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