Namesakes for Mehmet

Albanian Presidents and Prime Ministers: 1 prime minister
      (prime minister) Mehmet Shehu   1954-1981  
Islamic Caliphs: 4 caliphs
      Caliph Mehmed III (a.k.a. Mehmet)   1595-1603   Ottoman  
      Caliph Mehmed IV (a.k.a. Mehmet)   1648-1687   Ottoman  
      Caliph Mehmed V (a.k.a. Mehmet)   1909-1918   Ottoman  
      Caliph Mehmed VI Vahideddin (a.k.a. Mehmet)   1918-1922   Ottoman  
Notable Actors and Actresses: 1 actor, 1 model/actor
      Mehmet Ferda   1963-  
      Mehmet Akif Alakurt   1979-  
Notable Athletes: 1 soccer
      (soccer) Mehmet Topal   1986-  
Ottoman Sultans: 6 sultans
      Sultan Mehmed I (a.k.a. Mehmet)   1413-1421  
      Sultan Mehmed II the Conqueror (a.k.a. Mehmet)   1444-1445; 1451-1481  
      Sultan Mehmed III (a.k.a. Mehmet)   1595-1603  
      Sultan Mehmed IV (a.k.a. Mehmet)   1648-1687  
      Sultan Mehmed V (a.k.a. Mehmet)   1909-1918  
      Sultan Mehmed VI Vahideddin (a.k.a. Mehmet)   1918-1922  
Turkish Presidents and Prime Ministers: 4 prime ministers
      (prime minister) Şükrü Saracoğlu (a.k.a. Mehmet)   1942-1946  
      (prime minister) Recep Peker (a.k.a. Mehmet)   1946-1947  
      (prime minister) Şemsettin Günaltay (a.k.a. Mehmet)   1949-1950  
      (prime minister) Naim Talu (a.k.a. Mehmet)   1973-1974