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The female mizukage in Naruto.
Infinity12  12/11/2018
It's been nearly 3 years since I put up a comment saying that it's supposed to be pronounced as me: (e: = long 'e') and, at that time, I wasn't as knowledgeable about how Japanese names are pronounced.
For a while now, I keep going back to the subject on how Mei, as a name, is actually pronounced and I feel confident to say that I am wrong to an extent in this particular case. Since many forms of Mei have two kanji with the first being pronounced 'me' and the second 'i,' it makes sense (to me now) that it's actually pronounced me-ee (not like 'May,' which has a diphthong) (compare the word 出居, written as 'dei' or 'idei').
Let's not forget the fact that there are kanji with 'Mei' as the on'yomi pronunciation (in this case, they ARE pronounced with the long 'e') and I did find a few examples on the Japanese Wikipedia of women who have Mei as their name, but written with only one kanji, but with 2-kanji combinations being the norm for this name, even though I wouldn't be able to find any sound examples for those uncommon 1-kanji cases, I have a feeling that their names are pronounced like how the 2-kanji forms are pronounced.
m4yb3_daijirou  11/9/2017
Mei Hatsume is a fictional character in the manga "Boku no Hero Academia" by Kohei Horikoshi.
― Anonymous User  6/27/2017
Mei Misaki is a fictional character in the Japanese comic "Another" by famous Japanese author Yukito Ayatsuji, known for writing mystery and horror books.
cutenose  1/12/2017
The little girl from "My Neighbor Totoro." So cute!
SimoneKadele  4/21/2015
I would like to point out that Mei in Japanese is not pronounced 'me-ee' or like the word 'May.' Since 'ei' is a long 'e' in Japanese, it is pronounced 'me:' (with reference to BtN's pronunciation guide).
m4yb3_daijirou  12/18/2014
In Japanese, it is pronounced meh-ee. However, to English speakers, it will sound like MAY.
GoodNightingale  9/20/2013
Mei Karuma is the Japanese name of Prosecutor Franziska von Karma, from the Ace Attorney series. The kanji in Mei's name reads dark.
Suzu  12/18/2007
One of the characters in Hayao Miyazaki's 1988 animated film "My Neighbor Totoro" is named Mei.
ArtGirlB  11/29/2007
I don't really like names with three letters, but for some reason, I really like the names Mei or May.
xcassieanhx  11/26/2005
Mei also is the Dutch form of May (the month).
X-Mar  7/23/2005

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