Melva Hancock (nee Saunders) is a retired Australian women's basketball player.
Melva L. Price (1902–1996) was an American educator and activist based in New York City. She taught Latin and other subjects for over thirty years in the New York public schools, and was active in Harlem with the YWCA, Alpha Kappa Alpha, the Hunter College Alumni Club, and other organizations.Away from the classroom, Price was close to many civil rights activists and other noted figures of the Harlem Renaissance.
Melva is the Spanish name for a species of tuna, known in English as frigate tuna or frigate mackerel.
Kind of a farmer girl name.
Unusual name - I think it could grow on me but there are much nicer Mel-names, such as Melissa or Melinda.
Yuck. Sounds like a good name for a female geek, especially seeing that it's an anagram of Velma.
Origin is Latin, meaning "sweet friend".
No, it's not. 'Mel' is Latin for honey, not sweet and I can't even guess were you got the meaning for friend.

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