Have no Jewish background, but I like the sound of this name and its meaning (the Menahem one mainly). Does make me think of Mendelssohn the German composer as well as Mendelson, songwriter of "Christmas Time is Here". Overall I would definitely consider using it.
― Anonymous User  1/11/2020
I've always liked the name, but I think it stands out more when the bearer isn't Lubavitch. Seriously, this name has become overused to the point of cliché among the Lubavitch community. I've known so many Mendels, including many in the same family. It's almost a given that a first son will be named Mendel in that community, unless the dad is already named Mendel. The only family I know without a Mendel has a last name that rhymes with Mendel, which obviously would make the name sound like a joke.
Anyechka  8/2/2013
A lot of younger chassidim are named Mendel, mostly among Lubavitchers, since the last Rebbe was named Menachem Mendel. I like it, but I like Menachem more than Mendel.
K.G Valentina  7/1/2010
My favorite name. When I hear someone spelling this name, I can almost hear the sound of the fiddle and I see lots of Jewish faces. :X
Golde  5/24/2009
Jewish-American actor Mandy Patinkin is a famous bearer of a variant of this name. He was born in 1952 with the name Mandel Bruce Patinkin.
Randee15  2/16/2007
Pronounced men-dell, men-dul.
Miss Claire  7/29/2006

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