Never heard of this name before. It's unusual and pretty.
Lovely name. I have noticed the Cornish name Elowen become mainstream and get used by lots of Non Cornish people, hope the same doesn't happen too much to this charming name.
Such a sweet and humble name. Not the sweet of candy but the sweet of daffodils and laughter.
It's distinctive.
I stopped correcting people after years of butchered attempts. I love when people get it correctly and ask if they are saying it correctly. I pronounce it as Meh-rin.
Sounds quite pretty I wish it was more common in the U.S.
It is correctly pronounced MEH-RIN, or MEH-RUN, people often are very imaginative (not) when pronouncing my name when if they just read it properly I guarantee they would get it right. IT'S HARDLY THAT COMPLICATED.
I've always pronounced my name and heard it pronounced as 'MEH-rin', or 'Mare-rin', approximately 'mɛɹɪn'.Often it gets mispronounced as 'Marian', as people tend to read it as 'Merry + n', or spoken quickly as 'Murn'.
Pronounced MARE-in.
I love the way Merryn sounds, but I wish the meaning on the name was known.
This is a masculine name, Merryn is used for boys too (St Merryn was a male Saint).

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