Just as with Michael, it's important to remember in interpreting the original meaning that this was a rhetorical question for the ancient Israelites, implying to them "no one can ever be like Yahweh."
clevelandkentevans  2/14/2021
I don't care for the spelling or pronunciation that much. I prefer Mikyla!
noisynora  1/7/2021
Good nickname for any names starting with 'Mic' element would be Mike.
RHAWK3935  5/18/2020
My name is Micaiah. Pronounced Mah-Ky-Uh. The correct pronunciation of it is My-Kay-Uh, but we already got Mu-Kay-la far to often. I mean, seriously! There is no L! I think it is good for both male and female people. My parents named me after a profit from the old testament.
Micaiah07  1/19/2020
Years ago, I went to school with a girl named Micaiah. I din't like her much, and the name I associate too much with her now. I like the sound of it though, but I prefer Micah. Michaela spelled only that way and not Makayla or Mikayla is also nice.
SapphireLace  1/9/2018
My name is Micaiah, I tend to be quiet when I'm around strangers, I'm 13 years old and I'm proud or my name. I don't let people boss me around and I know I'm beautiful.
The one and only  10/6/2017
I think this name mean "like Yahweh", and my name is actually Micaiah C.
The one and only  10/6/2017
My name is Micaiah and I am very feminine. Have been for 21 years. It's pronounced mi (like mince)- ky( like the beginning of Kyle) -uh. I go by Kyah. Pronounced just like the last bit of my name. Whether I give someone my full name or the short version I've gotten nothing but compliments. Those of you who say it's just for men, I very much so beg to differ.
Kyah Alexandria  8/19/2015
My name is Micahia, I am a girl... Growing up I never knew anyone else had my name but I've come to realize as I am older that it is now more popular but as a boys name. My parents changed the spelling to make it more feminine. We pronounce it Mah-kai-uh or Mih-Kah-yuh. My nickname is Kya (pronounced like the end of my name or Gaia (guy-uh) with a K for Kai-uh) My username is just my name switched around.. Kya-Me or Kaia-Me. Lol.
cahiami  3/8/2015
Some of these comments are so funny and so so dumb.
Micaiah I pronounced my-KAY-yuh. And it is ALL BOY!
You aren't being "cute or original" by dumbing down the spelling with some crap like McKyah.
― Anonymous User  12/11/2014
My youngest daughter's name is Micaiah, said Mi (short i), kay a, the name has a purpose of giving glory to God, she does this daily in her life and lives up to the name given her. All names have a meaning and a purpose and we should be wise when we name our children.
jpkeough  11/1/2014
It's My-kay-uh. Bing translator.
― Anonymous User  10/14/2013
Pronounced "mee-kah-yah".
MaggieSimpson  7/13/2009
I like Micaiah for a girl and Micah for a boy. They're two totally different names, but one just seems more feminine to me.
― Anonymous User  1/12/2009
I pronounce this mick-EYE-uh and I like it for both boys and girls - but I have never come across it in real life.
Elly747  1/8/2009
My daughter's name is Micah; I pronounce it meh'-ky. I had a dream when I was pregnant with her of the letters in her name; I couldn't figure how I'd pronounce it, so it came out the way it did. When I yell at her, I pronounce it in the biblical form - she knows I mean business. Actually after I put her in a fashion show, & they mispronounced her name as my-kah; she got so many compliments and praises, she pefers it. - SO POSH.
Mz Dean  8/17/2008
In the game Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn for Nintendo Wii, one of the main characters you play is Micaiah, called the Maiden of Dawn.
Dark Whysper  8/8/2008
I definitly see this as a girls name, it's a nice alternative to Michaela / Mikayla, and fits nicely with Mariah and Shania, and similar.
HanasMom  3/21/2008
Pronounced mi-KY-a not mi-kay-a, although I'm sure both are valid.
― Anonymous User  3/21/2008
I know a little boy named Micaiah and it is pronounced "mi-KIE-a" ("kie" rhymes with "sky").
Kate  1/25/2008
This name is too strong sounding for a girl in my opinion. I love it for boys though. Not a name you hear a lot.
― Anonymous User  5/30/2007
Not one of my favorite names but I have only seen it used for boys and myself I find the name masculine.
― Anonymous User  3/1/2007
I know a little boy named Micaiah, pronounced "mick-KYE-uh". And I just love this name! I bought a stuffed elephant recently and named him Micaiah Zander. My sisters say that Micaiah is a very feminine name, but I've always thought it was very masculine. Great, great name.
Pheadirean  9/18/2006
I'd love this name for a girl, I would spell it McKyah.
― Anonymous User  6/23/2006
Cute spelling, but keep in mind that this spelling alters the meaning a bit, and combines languages. The new meaning would be, "Son of the Lord's likeness," or something to that effect. It would be a combination of the Gaelic element "mac," meaning "son," and the Hebrew elements "ki" meaning "like/similar" and Yah. Now, the interesting thing about Gaelic is that it's likely either a daughter language of Hebrew, or a sister language through Lebanese Phoenician. Either way, they're related. And Gaelic names exist today that are constructed from late additions of Aramaic and Greco-Hebrew, such as the name McGillion (son of the servant of John).
Atarah Derek  1/31/2010
I would pronounce this name mih-ky-ah for a girl.
― Anonymous User  8/19/2005
This name is pronounced mee-cah-yah in Hebrew.
Miss Claire  12/5/2004

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