Michel Aoun is the current president of Lebanon.
With 1 117 828 bearers, Michel is the 3rd most common masculine given name in France (2014 Data). With 92 933 bearers, Michel is the 4th most common masculine given name in Belgium (2014 Data). With 2 583 bearers, Michel is the 3rd most common masculine given name in Tahiti/French Polynesia (2014 Data). With 917 bearers, Michel is the 2nd most common masculine given name in the Seychelles (2014 Data). With 188 bearers, Michel is the 10th most common masculine given name in Monaco (2014 Data). With 96 bearers, Michel is the 2nd most common masculine given name in Saint Pierre and Miquelon (2014 Data).

Also Piedmontese: --- "Camilo Cavour a l'era la sconda masnà dël marchèis Michel..."
Michel Sénéchal (1927-2018) was a French tenor.
Lindo nome, masculino, jovem, incomum, original e atemporal.

[Trans: Beautiful name, masculine, young, unusual, original and timeless.]
Never cared for this name. It looks too feminine, plus I can't stand Michel Temer. I think he's going to put more Brazilians off this name since I know he's going to screw up worse than Dilma.
I like the name Michel, that's my grandfather's name, (he's French) even if in America, we generally conform with the feminine form "Michelle".
Michel Aflaq is a famous Arab nationalist thinker who founded the Ba'ath party and was Secretary General to Saddam Hussein.
The name Michel was in use but rare until about the 1940's in France, and remained extremely popular for about 20 years. It is now relatively uncommon and considered a bit middle-aged.
French video game designer Michel Ancel (born 1972), most famous for creating the "Rayman" series.
Michel Anguier (1613-1686) was a French sculptor who worked with his brother François.
The German pronunciation is MI-khel. [noted -ed]
My middle name is Michel, but I'm female, and I pronounce it 'Michelle'.
There's a character on Gilmore Girls named Michel Gerard, originally from France, played by Yanic Truesdale. He's kinda hysterical!
There is a song by Dutch singer Anouk which is called "Michel" -- one of my personal favorites.
Origin of the name Michael: Saint Michael is the name of one of the 7 archangels. His name was the war-cry of the good angels in the battle fought in heaven against the enemy and his followers. Hebrew translation "Who is like God".
It's a nice name, but I always think about the feminine "Michelle" when I hear it.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Michel here:
Jean-Michel Basquiat was a famous downtown NY artist in the early 80s.
Michel Foucault was a Twentieth century philosopher and author of The History of Sexuality.

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