Cute. I have a friend called this.
Also a Breton adoption of this name:, (pronounced [mi'ʃeːla])
Michela Quattrociocche is an Italian film actress. Quattrociocche made her cinematic debut in the 2008 comedy film Scusa ma ti chiamo amore, directed by Federico Moccia. In this film she played Niki, a free-spirited teenager in her last year of high school who romances a 37-year-old man. She landed the role after her mother sent her pictures to casting; she auditioned for the role while she was taking her high school graduation exams. Following the success of Scusa ma ti chiamo amore, Quattrociocche appeared in other movies directed by Moccia: a cameo in Amore 14, and reprising her role as Niki in Scusa ma ti voglio sposare, the sequel to her first film. She has also appeared in Neri Parenti's 2009 film Natale a Beverly Hills and the 2010 film Una canzone per te.
Michela Quinn is the granddaughter of Mexican-American film star, Anthony Quinn, daughter of Anthony's son, Francesco Quinn.
The Italian pronunciation is mee-KEH-lah. [noted -ed]
The girl I know with this name pronounces it MEE-she-la. I am not sure whether that or mi-KAY-la (as mentioned in another comment), or both, is correct.
I know someone named Michela who pronounces it like Mikayla.
Another variation is debated between Hawaiian or not. Makela (Ma-K-la)

The Irish is the correct pronunciation and is a last name for most however it was a beautiful twist to a common name.

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