Also French (Belgian) and Flemish:
I can only think of the brand...
In France Micheline is an old-fashioned name. Most bearers are over 75.
I am in my late 20's and Micheline is my middle name. Even though some people think it is a ridiculous name, I quite like it. It is my Granny's name and the pronunciation is not terrible. I wonder why this name is so dated.
This is my name. It was a very popular name in the 1930s in France, but no, I am not French. I was born in the 70s in the US. Yes, about half pronounce it like the tire company and the other half pronounce it with 'T's, 'K's or give it an Italian accent. I hated it as a child when all the other girls were Andrea or Jennifer, so I went by Micki. Now as an adult I like it. It's different and I appreciate that more than I did years ago. BTW - everyone tells me it is such a beautiful name, BUT as the previous poster mentioned, they would never actually name their child Micheline :)
In france very rare and very dated.
Albeit if I had a daughter, I would not name her this. I do love the sound of this name and certainly would recommend it to any expecting parents. It's unique, beautiful, and stunning. And no, it doesn't sound like the tire company Michelin, as others have stated. Michelin is pronounced as Miche-LIN, whereas Micheline is pronounced Miche-LINE. Anyway, you always could think of a nickname for her if you think it's too long. If your daughter is anything like me, when she starts school, she will be relieved that she does not have to go by "Micheline O." or "Micheline R." and deal with the confusion of there being several different Michelines in the class.
Nice alternative to the boring and popular Michelle.
The character Mike from the show 'Mike, Lu, & Og' had the name Michelene as a first name.
Isn't Michelin the name of a tire company? Even though they're spelled differently, people might still mispronounce it.
"Uh, do you think that people are going to pronounce 'Sam' and 'same' the same way?" I don't think so!
It is the name of Sean Connery's wife.

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