Finish crosscountry skier Mika Myllylä.
This is my niece's name! (But her name is pronounced Mee-kuh) I think it's adorable. For my niece's pronunciation, I prefer it for a girl. But for My-kuh, I think it sounds better on a boy. But in the end, both names are cute.
Mika was a very fashionable name for Finnish babies in the '60s and '70s. It was then used almost as often as the always common original form Mikael. In the 1970s Mikael was the 6th most popular name and Mika was the 8th.
Mikael has mostly been used as a second name while Mika has mostly been a first name. In 2017 Mika was the 11th most common first name for all male citizens of Finland.
I could care less what this page states; I will always say Mika as My-kuh. Mika: a different spelling of Micah.
I think this is a cool name! I prefer it on a girl, mostly because it ends in "a" and most names that end in "a" are normally girl names. Although I like it, I probably won't name my future child this.
Mika Waltari (1908-1979) was a famous Finnish writer.
Mika Abdalla (born 2000 in Plano, Texas) is an American child actress.
Mika Boorem (b. 1987 in Tucson, Arizona) is an American actress.
It's also a short form of Mikaela, mee-kah-EL-ah.
It is also Croatian short from Nikola (male). I don't agree that this name is for girls. I prefer to see it on a boy.
My sister has this name. But it's pronounced the same way as Micah from the Bible. It's like a female spelling.
Mika Kojonkoski, a ski jumping trainer from Finland.
This is nice on guys, but I got to agree with others; it sounds best on a girl.
I like this name, but I prefer it on a girl.
Ths is the name of the popular British singer, who goes simply by Mika.
Mica Penniman (born Michael Holbrook Penniman), known by his stage name Mika (IPA [?mik?]), is a Lebanon-born, London-based singer. He chose the name Mika for his professional name because he was frustrated with how often people would mispronounce Mica. Buy his fantastic new album Life In Cartoon Motion NOW!
Mika is also a feminine Japanese name.
A famous bearer of this name is Mika Hakkinen, the world champion F1 driver.
The name of the F1 world champion is Mika Häkkinen, not Hakkinen.

To those who say that this name sounds better on a girl, please consider the cultural background.
Mika is _not_ "Finnish form of Michael" as claimed but a short form of Mikael - i.e. Finnish form of _Mike_. [noted -ed]
Mika is a Serbian male name, short of Mihajlo.
Mika is also a Japanese name. It's a female meaning "New Moon".
Mika, in Japanese, is a jug or a vase. Mikadzuki is the word for New Moon.
The Japanese feminine Mika means "beautiful fragrance," not "new moon." It is also pronounced MEE-kah.

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