Mikael Åkerfeldt, lead songwriter, guitarist and vocalist for the Swedish band Opeth.
Also Icelandic, Turkish, English (Modern, Rare)

Pronounced: mi-KAYL (English), MIE-kəl (English)

In modern times, it is also an English variant of the same name.
The name Mikael was given to 214 boys born in the US in 2016.
Mikael Granlund, a member of the Minnesota Wild Hockey team.
There is a character named Mikael in the TV series The Vampire Diaries. He is the oldest vampire, as well as the father of the other original vampires. He also appears in the show's spin-off, The Originals.
Turkish: Mikael.
Hi, I'm wondering if it's possible to include Arabic under other languages. I've contributed it in the user contributions section, but I feel it should be included in the official list since Michael/Mikael is a significant religious figure in the religion of Islam.

It would be prounounced Mikaa-eel.
Mikael Wiehe is a Swedish rock and roll singer/musician. He used to be the lead singer of the Hoola Bandoola Band.
Mikael Blomkvist is one of the main characters of Swedish author Stieg Larsson's Millennium Series. He's also nicknamed Micke.
Strangely, I prefer this form of the name to the English form, Michael. It just sounds more exotic to my ear, and is far less common.
Common pet name in Sweden is Micke, the equivalent of Mike, Mick etc. For some reason this is also a common name for foxes. Mickel is a name used for a fox, the Disney film The Fox and the Hound translated into Micke & Molle, Micke being the fox.
Mikael is pronounced as MEE-kah-ell.

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