Yikes! Awkward spelling. I'd definitely prefer Mickey over this.
Michelangelo“ Mikey” from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Name your child Michael, and then use "Mikey" as a nickname...because Mikey is a LITTLE childish, but do whatever you want with his / her name!
A nice nickname for Michael, but way too childish as a first name.
Awesome name! It’s better than Mike and Mickey and it’s my name too.
Mikey Way was the bassist for the band My Chemical Romance, and now plays bass as part of the duo Electric Century.
Mikey is the main character in the movie "The Goonies".
I was born Michael, at birth. At 16, renamed to Mikey, as not to reference being acute... My name is the same as Michael, however, a part of the meaning has been left out... Mikey means love, or goodwill... which is the essence of life, love, equality, God :)
I don't even like this name on a little boy. It just sounds so immature and it does not age well. I could not take a man seriously if he had this name.
This name is cute on a little boy, but sounds really childish on a grown man. This isn't one of those diminutive nicknames that ages well, in my opinion.

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