Lord Miles Routledge, British travel blogger infamous for his war-related tourism, such as traveling to Afghanistan during the fall of Kabul.
This name can be rearranged as "slime".
I'm so fond of this name. It's annoyingly charming, and not feminine at all.
Ever since I had the name Miley, people bullied me, so most people just call me Miles, it's not bad for a female name tho.
I’ll use this for a guy's middle name! And I don’t like it on girls.
Also Judeo-Anglo-Norman:
This name was also used as a secular form of Meir.
My name is Miles and I am a 12 year old male. I looked at all the comments and I don't care if it is a feminine or masculine name because it fits all genders and the nickname Milo is also a very good nickname.
I've always loved this name. I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but I especially like it for a girl. I love it for a boy, too, though. It's just a really good beautiful name, in general.
Miles Despard is the name of the murder victim in John Dickson Carr's infamous locked-room mystery The Burning Court.
Charles Miles Manson is an unfortunate famous bearer.
Miles is revealed to be the given name of Ansel Elgort’s character at the end of the movie Baby Driver.
I'm bittersweet on this name. I like and don't like it at the same time.
This isn’t feminine ya dimwits! ;)
Miles Morales from Marvel comics. He appears in the 2018 animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse.
Cute name!
Miles Davis, the best Jazz trumpeter in history.
Haha, funny name am I right?
If you say Miles over and over it will sound like you're saying smile. That is why I like it.
Sir Miles Axlerod is the antagonist in the Pixar film Cars 2.
Miles Miller is a character in the movie Bad Times at the El Royale. Portrayed by Lewis Pullman.
This is quite a cool name; it's starting to grow on me. It also reminds me of the song "I Can See For Miles" from Rock Band 3, a game that I played a lot when I was younger.
Miles actually can be used for boys or girls, it’s not too masculine to age wrong on a female. Though, the feminine form Mila is suitable for girls only.In my opinion, Miles sounds really cute on a girl when paired with something like Nicole or Diane, otherwise I kinda think Miles is better for a girl. I usually comment these kinda comments about how boy's names sound good on girls only when paired with feminine middle names, well it’s true! If a girl named Miles Olivia hates going by Miles, she can always go by Olivia!
This is a cool boy's name. To the comment saying this can be a girls’ name, it can’t.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Miles who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 877th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Miles is a really adorable name. I picture a nice and smart boy when I hear this name. I prefer the spelling Myles though.
Miles McKenna is a bearer of the name, a trans YouTuber known for being a living meme and inspiring us all.
Miles Shortman was the father of the titular character of the nicktoon, Hey Arnold!
I really like this name, somehow. It's up there with Milo for one of my favorites for a man.
Perhaps it's because I really liked the Ace Attorney series at some point.
I would totally use this for a character or something like that.
This name makes me think of the Unit of Measurement. Anyways, I don't care for it.People don't name their sons Meters, Feet, Inches or Yards, so I don't see why Miles is a name to me.
Miles Alexander Teller is an American actor. Born in Downingtown, Pennsylvania and an alumnus of New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, he appeared in several short films and television movies before making his feature film debut in Rabbit Hole. He had supporting roles in Footloose and Project X, before garnering critical acclaim for his leading performance as Sutter Keely in The Spectacular Now, for which he was awarded the Sundance Film Festival Special Jury Prize for Dramatic Acting and his role as Andrew Neiman in Whiplash, for which he was nominated for the Gotham Independent Film Award for Best Actor, the Satellite Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture, and the BAFTA Rising Star Award.
Miles means "thousands" in Spanish, when pronounced differently.
Miles Austin is an American football wide receiver who is currently a free agent. He played college football at Monmouth and signed with the Dallas Cowboys as an undrafted free agent in 2006. Austin was a member of the Cowboys for eight seasons and was named to two Pro Bowls during his tenure with the team. He has also played for the Cleveland Browns and Philadelphia Eagles.
Miles Upshur is an investigative reporter and the unseen protagonist of Outlast and a secondary character in Outlast: Whistleblower. He arrives to investigate Mount Massive Asylum based on a lead he receives from an anonymous source.
I like this name and if you like\love it as well and are considering using it for your little guy, some combos I have paired with it that you are more than welcome to take a look at are:Miles Xavier
Miles Theodore
Nolan Miles
Sawyer Miles
Sebastian Miles
Shannon Miles
Spencer Miles
Theodore Miles.
Miles O'Brien is a character in Star Trek.
I can only see the doggie Stanley in "The Mask."
Miles McMillan (1990) is a male model.
Miles Ryan (also known as Miyasaka Ryou) is a character in Inazuma Eleven.
Takes too long to say. The word 'Miles' sums it up completely.
My name is Miles and I am a 43 yr old male. My grandfather's name was Miles and my son's name is Miles. It is a unique name and I love it. Women love it and I hope my son passes down the name to his son as well!I'd hate it if anyone called me MILO for short, that is a entirely different name and takes away from its Irish herritage for me! Thanks!
I prefer Milo.
Miles Butler-Hughton, an actor known for his role as Tyler in the British children's TV series, Tracy Beaker Returns and The Dumping Ground.
A strong, handsome, fantastic name for a guy. :D.
I like the Latin meaning, not the Germanic "Milo" one.
Miles Halter is the protagonist is the novel Looking for Alaska by John Green.
Eddie Murphy's son spells his name Myles, not Miles.
This name was quite popular in England during the tudor era, as well as in the late 1800's- early 1900's. There are records of a baby born in 1661 named Miles Long, poor kid.
Miles Davis was born Miles Dewey Davis III. His father and grandfather were also named Miles. My first choice for a son is Miles Henry, as long as the name doesn't get too popular. This name can fit young boys as well as adult men, and personally I've never met a Miles in my life. The fact that it's a word doesn't really bother me, we use plenty of everyday words as names. Also, I think Milo would be a cute nickname :)
I really hope this name stops becoming so popular, I'd like to use it some day!
I love the name Miles! (Not Myles though, it seems too modern and childish to me) its really unique without being weird and unheard of, and it can suit every age. Definitely will consider this for one of my kids!
Miles Morales is the name of the new ultimate Spider-Man in Marvel's Spider-man series.
Miles Coverdale is the name of the narrator in Nathaniel Hawthorne's 1852 novel The Blithedale Romance.
It's such a cool name. Cute on a boy but also respectable on a grown man. I like it a lot. :)
Miles Edgeworth is a character in the Ace Attorney series.
I actually love this name! It is very cool.
Very nice, smart-sounding masculine name. Though I know a girl named Miles and it just sounds awful for a feminine name. It exudes masculinity.
Miles Straume, a character from the TV show LOST who can 'communicate' with spirits to 'read their minds' and find out how they died, etc.
As my username suggests, my first name is Miles, and I like it because it has a sort of timeless feel to it, something modern, yet starting back so old. I had no idea what it meant, and it just makes me like bearing it all the more! And it's not necessarily a downside that it is a unit of measurement, I like the nickname "Meters".
My friend just named her little boy, Miles. I think it's a cute name for a baby boy. The name ages well too. The name is suitable for a child and a grown individual.
Miles Murphy (born 1992), son of actor Eddie Murphy.
In the Sonic games Tails' real name is Miles "Tails" Prower.
This name is alright, but I think the name Miles is a little silly. It reminds me to much of measurement. Maybe somewhere with Kilometers, but not here.
I like this name very much. I prefer this spelling over Myles, too, but only slightly.
This name is one of those that was used in countless teen movies of the 90's along with Mason and Max, all of which are ugly sounding.
Miles Edgeworth is a popular character who stars in the Phoenix Wright video game trilogy.
Actress Renée O´Connor & Steve Muir have a son Miles Muir, born 22th September 2001.
What a great name for a boy. Concise, strong, not too common, and yet it has a certain presence and beauty. The historical precedents are amazing, particularly Miles Davis. Definitely on my top ten (both genders) list.
Miles also means generous - a great quality!
As my username states I am a girl (a fourteen year old girl) named Miles. I love my name and I am glad to have a name as memorable and beautiful. Please do not think of this name as strictly a male name, it is not!
It is one of the supposed real names of Matt, a character from the anime Death Note. His full real name is Miles Jeevas. The other thought for his name is Mail.
I love this name and I think that it's a great name for a boy.
Miles Tuck is from the book and movie 'Tuck Everlasting'.
I like this name! I think it's very cool and it's not a very common name either. I would call my child, if he were a boy, Miles. Also a two-tailed fox is called Miles 'Tails' Prower in the Sonic series which is cool!
I do not think the pronunciation of MIE-ulz is quite accurate because that suggests there are two syllables. Myles is one syllable, so it should be MYLZ. [noted -ed]
Miles is a great name for a boy. I prefer the spelling Myles though.
Milo is a cute nickname for Miles.
According to "The Very Best Baby Name Book in the Whole Wide World", by Bruce Lansky, Meadowbrook Press, ISBN: 0-88166-247-x, Miles (Greek) millstone, (Latin) soldier, (German) merciful.
I found this on for the name Myles."An alternative spelling of Miles. Bryan O'Nolan (1911-66) used the pen-name Myles na Gopaleen - a name originally created by Dion Boucicault (1822-90) - for a number of his works and for his Irish Times column."
A famous bearer of the name Miles was the jazz trumpeter Miles Davis.

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