Also Estonian:
I have cousins who are twins named Meg and Milla.
Milla can also be a nickname for Matilda... I prefer it to Tillie and Mattie, personally.
Love it! It's my daughters' name and we pronounce it 'Mill-uh' not 'Mee-lah', I was under the impression Mila with 1 l was 'Mee-lah', she suits it and we get many compliments :)
Milla is pronounced MILL-uh. That is the more common English way.
Milla is pronounced MEE-la.
Name of one of Glinda's friends in the book 'Wicked' by Gregory Maguire. I personally think that this name kind of doesn't have enough mouth-shutting when you say it. I keep wanting to put an 'r' on the end and make it 'Miller.'
My younger sister is called this (Camilla) and I think it is a really nice name.
I don't really like this name much. It is better for a nickname.
I love this name! Definitely beautiful but strong.
I have heard Milla being used as a nickname for Amelia.
Actress Milla (born Milica) Jovovich is a famous bearer.

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