With 37 094 bearers, Min-Jun is the 2nd most common given name in South Korea (2014 Data).

Kim Min-jun, better known by his stage name Jun. K, is a South Korean singer-songwriter, record producer, rapper and actor. He is the main vocalist of 2PM.

Formerly known as Junsu, he revealed on October 17, 2012, that due to family reasons he would be changing his name to Minjun, though his stage name would remain the same. Aside from his group activities, Jun. K has released two digital singles, one extended play in South Korea and two extended plays in Japan, both of which peaked at number two on the Oricon Weekly Albums Chart. 2nd Japanese solo album "Love Letter" ranked 1st on both Billboard Japan "Top" and "Hot" album sales charts. His first Korean solo album "Mr. NO♡" debuted at No. 09 on Billboard World Albums chart. His 3rd Japanese solo album "No Shadow" ranked 2nd on Billboard Japan "Top" and "Hot" album sales charts.
Min-jun became the most popular name for baby boys in South Korea in 2004, and held that position up through 2008. In 2008, a total of 2, 641 baby boys were given this name. In addition, in 2010 it was also the most popular new name for adult men changing their names: there were 552 men who changed their names to Min-jun, especially from names which they felt were too old-fashioned.

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