As an English given name, Minty can also be derived from the English word "Minty", which is an adjective referring to the flavor of Mint; or as a diminutive of the unisex given name Aminta. And, Minty is also used as a masculine given name in English. A known fictional male bearer of this name is Rick "Minty" Peterson, a character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders. However, Minty is more common for females. So, I think that the "Gender" of this name should be updated from "Feminine" to "Feminine & Masculine"; and the "Meaning & History" section of this name should be updated to read, "Diminutive of Araminta (feminine) or Aminta (unisex). It can also derive from the English word mint for the mentha plant."

Minty and Freshy and Toothy will make good triplets if you're thinking about this name.
I always thought this was a short form of Arabella, as well as Araminta, but I could be wrong. :)
Minty is a 1998 Australian / British comedy television series, in which Australian actress Angela Kelly appeared in the dual roles of Minty and Melanie (an Australian girl and an English girl who are identical in appearance). When British schoolgirl Melanie Hobson wins a trip to Australia in a competition, she is amazed to discover, on arrival at the airport, that she has a double, Minty Sullivan, an Australian soap opera star.
Oooh, it smells so minty fresh! Hahahahahahahhahaahaha

Seriously, who would use this as a legit name?
Why not just name her Mindy. Close enough.
This name is silly. It makes me think of breath mints. "Look, I'm minty fresh!" Ick.
Nice, but strange. Minty is how you would describe toothpaste or breath mints.
Hmm. I wonder if a person with this name has fresh breath?
I like it. It's so refreshing.
This is such a gorgeous name, even though it's the name of a lolly in Australia.
Minty was the original name of Harriet Tubman, the famous leader of the Underground Railroad.
Tubman’s real name was Araminta Ross. Minty was a nickname. She changed her name to Harriet Tubman upon arriving in Philadelphia after escaping slavery.

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