Mira Lin, also known as "Altermere Yan Lin" or "Alter Yan Lin", is a fictional character that appears in the animated series, W.I.T.C.H.. She is the Astral Drop of Hay Lin's grandmother, Yan Lin. Since 'Mira' sounds like the word "mirror", she got her name because she is a copy of and, therefore, mirror image to Yan Lin.
It's pretty.
A charming name, and the meaning is quite pleasant.
Not a fan! I would absolutely hate being stuck with this name!
The title character of Mira, Royal Detective which is a show on Disney Junior.
Mira is a beautiful name and the meaning 'sea, ocean' is perfect. It might be nice as a short form of Miranda or Mirabelle/a; I tend to like names with more variety for when a girl is older. I think for twins, Mira and Flora would go well together, since they have similar qualities and equally beautiful meanings. Then their middle names could be…
• Flora Pearl
• Mira Jasmine
• Flora Daisy
• Mira Elanor
• Flora Elizabeth
• Mira Isabelle/a
Etc, etc, etc.
I knew a girl named Mira, and she is one of my nicest friends. She says her name Mee-Ruh, not My-Ruh though.
The main character in the movie I Am Dragon's name is Mira. Very pretty!
I thought it was a short form of Miranda at first, and still liked it, but now that I know it means sea and ocean, I love it. It is much better then the very common Mia and I prefer it to Maria.
Mira Shards is a character in Ever After High. Secretly, she is the Evil Queen in disguise, who takes the form of her younger self to infiltrate the school while the Dragon Games take place.
I love this name. It's short, delicate and beautiful, like Flora. Ironically, it sounds watery for me! I would love to call my future daughter Mira, but I live on a Portuguese-speaking country, and 'Mira' is a word for 'sight'. So I'd be naming her Sight instead of 'sea'... :(
I wonder if Mira is related to the Latin "mare", also meaning "sea". Sanskrit and Latin are Indo-European languages, so I feel it's likely.
Mira is also an Albanian feminine name, derived from the word mirë, meaning "good".
Mira Sorvino (born 1967 in Tenafly, New Jersey) is an American actress.
Mira Schor (born 1950 in New York City) is an American artist, writer, editor, and educator.
The name Mira is short, simple, and pretty. I imagine this as the name of an artist.
Mira Nair is a film director and producer.
There's an American Dreampop band called Mira. Wonderful band, beautiful name.
I really like this name! It's sweet and pretty. :)
My name is Mira and I have always loved it. The only bad thing about it is that it is pronounced "Mee-rah", but I always get called "My-ruh".
Usage: German, Finland, International
Mira is the short form of Mirabell or Mirabella, a popular name in Serbia, Bosnia and Albania. It is derived from the Latin word "mirabilis" meaning "wonder".
Where in God's name have you heard Serbians or Bosnians called Mirabell/-a (especially with a double 'l' which is impossible). Nowhere! Mira is a short form for Slavic names containing the female form for "mir" (ie. Mira, meaning 'peace") either at the beginning or ending of a name.

The Slavic word for this Sanskrit name is "more", meaning sea (pronounced "mo-reh) though there isn't a name only a noun.
Mira is a star in the constellation Cetus.
Mira is the name of a movie made in 1971, based on the 1927 novel De Teleurgang Van Den Waterhoek by Stijn Streuvels. The novel talks of a bridge built in Belgium in 1905 which was named Mira Bridge after the character in the novel.
The word "mira" also means "look!" in Spanish.
Also means sight in Italian.
In The Plainsman by Christian author Lori Copeland, the main female character is named Mirelle and her nickname is Mira.

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