This is really pretty!
While the name is pronounced "Mirèio" in Provence (and indeed written that way in the newer pronunciation-based Mistralian norm), the Classic Norm of Occitan (more spelling-consistent, and what the majority of Occitan names on this site are using) spells it "Mirèlha" or "Mirèia", as most -a words are pronounced with a long O sound.

See here:
This link gives Mirelha as the common form, and Mirèlha/Mirèia in Provence. However, their multidictionary at gives Mirèlha for the other two southern dialects as well (only the Limousin and Vivaroalpine dialects spell the è sound without an accent, so it's more likely that Mirèlha is the commonmost orthography.)
The Occitan Wikipedia, which uses the classic norm, also has "Mirèlha" first in the article on Frederic Mistral's work by the same name (again in the Provençal dialect). [noted -ed]
This name is just perfect to me. I've seen it around the site but never took the time to really look at it. It's great.
It's such a beautiful name, better than Mireille. It's both graceful and strong. I'm using it for the disfigured heroine in a story I write.
This has been my favorite [female] name for a long time. I love how it's pronounced and I like how it looks written down. I also consider it different and cool how it ends with an "o" even though its usage is female. A possible nickname for it could be "Rei," which is also great. This name is just completely and utterly fabulous.

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