I'm glad I have this name and that I was named this.
Also Bulgarian, spelled Мирослава :
You'll find numerous bearers on social media. [noted -ed]
Mira is a good nickname.
Miroslava "Mirka" Federer is a Slovak-born Swiss former professional tennis player. She reached her career-high WTA singles ranking of World No. 76 on 10 September 2001 and a doubles ranking of World No. 215 on 24 August 1998. She is the wife of professional tennis player Roger Federer, having first met him at the 2000 Summer Olympics. She retired from the game in 2002 due to a persistent foot injury. She has since frequently been seen on the ATP circuit attending her husband's matches.
Czech/Mexican actress Miroslava Stern (born Miroslava Šternová).
Czech and Slovak pronunciation is "mee-raw-SLAH-vah".
Nicknames: Mirka, Mira, Mirina, Miras, Mirenka, Slávka.
One of the most beautiful names I've ever heard!

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