Miruna is a girl's name coming from the Greek name Myron. Myron comes from "mir" meaning aromatic oil, the type used for baptism in christian churches.
Feminine form of Miron via the variant Mirona.
Romanian morphologically conditioned phonetic alternation of the name "Miron" (masc.), obtained through addition of the gender determining suffix "-a" (fem.)According to popular and ethnic sources, the name has been originally spread through its linking to religious Christian practice ("mir" = perfumed oil used after baptizing, when a child's name was formally asserted).
Mir (Russian, Greek) means 'peace', Una means 'the one'.
The meaning of Miruna is "the peaceful one". Though it combines Slavic and Latin, the name is pretty popular in Romania (country whose language though Latin, has a strong Slavic influence due to its location).
Miruna was the name of the daughter of king Decebal of Dacia (the actual territory of Romania). There is also the masculine of this name Miron.

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