Misti Traya is an American actress. She landed her first prime time television series regular role playing 15-year-old Allison Reeves in The WB's comedy Living with Fran. She is the daughter of actress Kiersten Warren.
This name looks and sounds so tacky! I prefer Mystic.
Good for a book character, not for a kid. It’s very youthful as well.
Misspellings of word names are rather tacky. This name also sounds a bit ditzy.
For crying out loud... Misty is an actual WORD in English. Putting an 'i' at the end instead of a 'y' just makes you look illiterate.
This is even more hideous and bitchy-sounding than Misty.
I once met a girl named Mistic -- I commented on her name, and she explained that her mother had not planned on naming her that -- but the doctor added the "c" at the end, and her mother decided to keep it. I was glad -- I'm not crazy about this name, Misti. It would be cute on a little girl, but I can't see it aging well.

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